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When was the last time you read the whole text on the internet? What made you stay with the text and dedicate your time to it? What's wrong with you attracted attention? We’re pretty sure it was in the first place attractive title and a good introduction to the blog. An introduction from when you could already guess what the text is about. To guess, but not to get all the information. And an introduction that kept your attention. And why is that so ?!

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The first impression is crucial 

If the introduction to the blog is weak, it will probably deter the reader from further reading - even if the title was very tempting and led to a click. You can have a great blog post, but if the introduction doesn't break, so does the rest content will not. The introduction to the blog is one of the most important sections of the whole text. Without interesting and impressive introductions to the blog, engagement will be bad, no matter how good the story itself is or how much useful information the text contains. There are many texts and many rules that can help you write. However, from personal experience, we believe that exercise is the most important. The more you write, the better your content will be. And you will eventually implement all these tips into your practice. 

An introduction to a blog is very important, because it is usually displayed above fold (above the break), so readers when they visit the blog can see it without scrolling down. If you catch them from the very beginning, they are more likely to stay with the text until the very end. It is now common knowledge that the vast majority of people on the Internet just scan content, skip from section to section, and skip most content if there is something that does not attract attention. Therefore, it is important that the text contains you as well key phrases and words which interest the searching audience. The essence is to provide educational content that will answer the question that bothers them, help them learn something new or show how they can realistically apply that knowledge. 

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This “fast” audience often relies on introductions to get an overview of the blog. And if this part doesn't entertain them, they probably won't even bother to read the text to the end. An introduction to the blog will entice these people to read on. In other words, an introduction to a blog helps in deciding whether a blog is worth reading or not. 


A good introduction to a blog can be SEO boost 

Except as noted, in case you don’t add meta description For your new blog, search engines automatically select about 300 characters from the introduction of your blog. Search engines will take advantage of these small snippets of introductions on search engine results pages (SERPs) and influence users ’decision whether they want to open a blog or not. Precisely for that reason, the introduction can be important from an SEO perspective, because it can influence the audience's decision on whether to visit a site. In addition, the quality of the introduction can affect bounce rate

Bounce rates is a term used for the percentage of people who leave your site immediately after visiting it, instead of staying on the site for a while and navigating it or taking action. This is one of the important factors that affect the optimization of a website for a search engine.

When you have a bad or boring blog introduction, you give a good reason for visitors to leave the page. In other words, you increase bounce rates. This way, your blog is less likely to get a good result in search results. But a good introduction, along with other SEO tactics on site pages can mean a lot to your blog post from an SEO perspective. 


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Made by Nebojsa Radovanovic - SEO Expert @Digitizer