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How does cooperation work?


Our team of experienced experts can manage all aspects Google ads campaign, improves results and allows you to focus on your core business. We have cooperated with many industries to our mutual satisfaction. We begin the campaign by identifying the purpose of your campaign, and then comprehensively researching keywords, matching options, projecting bids, budgets, and creating unique and effective ads.


How the Digitizer campaign process works Google advertising? 


  • Based on inquiries and information, we preliminarily investigate and contact you 
  • Before we start any business we need to find out as much as possible about your business and your website, as a target link. What defines your brand? What are your business goals? Who are your potential customers and users?
  • Let's explore the competition
  • We create Google accounts for your business (Google Ads account, Google Analytics, Google Search Console account, Google Tag Manager, as well as Google My Business account) and link them to the website
  • Creating campaign (s)
  • We optimize landing pages - optional
  • Conversion Tracking Implementation - Do ads work?
  • Reporting - Learn in detail where your campaign funds have been spent
  • Optimizing campaigns, ads, landing pages, etc. to obtain optimal results

* Digitizer as Google Partner charges for its PPC (Search) & Display campaign management services depending on the campaign configuration and agency fee, and we are able to make special arrangements.

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