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Digital marketing consists of several channels through which we address the desired audience, and PPC (pay per click) is one of them. As the name of this type of campaign says, PPC advertising is charged for each click, that is, when someone clicks on your ad and visits the desired location on the Internet. Certainly the most popular and largest PPC platform is Google ads (Google ads).


Google ads

are, with social networks, the best way when it is necessary to attract visitors to website. Google advertising is recommended when doing business with direct response, generating traffic in certain situations, or positioning for certain keywords that are essential to the business.


Google advertising

has quickly become very popular in the digital marketing industry, as it allows people to create very precisely targeted ads and generate tangible analytics, so that marketing professionals can understand how the audience interacts with the content presented to it.


Google ads and advertising

help you reach your target customers and direct internet traffic to site your company. Google allows you to create your own ads, with lots of customization options, such as budgeting, targeting, etc. They are a great tool for generating potential customers and a practical way for all types of companies to raise awareness about their brand. Google ads are displayed based on what each person is looking for, which means you are coming to people who are actually looking for your product or service. This is definitely an ideal way to reach potential customers just at the moment they are looking to solve a problem or satisfy a need. They are designed to capture the attention of clients at the best possible moment, just when they are very close to conversion.

Google ads are divided into two large units, Google search network and Google network.


Google search

A network is a group of search-related sites and applications that can display yours Google ads. When you advertise on Google search network, your ad may show along with search results when someone searches for terms related to one of your keywords. Your ads may be matched to the results Google searches on other sites when your keywords were relevant to the user's search.


Google display

the network can help you reach people while browsing your favorite sites, show a friend some the UAF YouTube-channel video, check gmail account or use mobile devices and applications. Options Google display networks allow you to strategically present your message to potential customers in the right place and at the right time.

And if Display The network also attracts people when they are already looking for certain products or services, it can help you attract attention even earlier in the shopping cycle. You can place your ads in front of people before they start looking for what you have to offer, which can be key to your overall advertising strategy. You can also remind people of what interests them, as in the case remarketing,  when you show your ad to people who have previously visited yours website-website or an application and have already expressed interest in your business. 

Special platform owned Googlewhich is a great marketing channel the UAF YouTube-channel. Putting up the UAF YouTube-channel Advertising is one way to ensure that more target audiences see your ad. Ads playing on the UAF YouTube-channel-they are tailored to the interests of viewers. If the content video ads closely related to the content that the viewer is looking at the UAF YouTube-channel-u, they are more likely to watch the entire ad or click on a link to the site. Ads target people who have recently searched for a particular product or service in order to show an adequate ad to an adequate audience.

Our team of experienced experts can manage all aspects Google ads campaign, improves results and allows you to focus on your core business. We have cooperated with many industries to our mutual satisfaction. We begin the campaign by identifying the purpose of your campaign, and then comprehensively researching keywords, matching options, projecting bids, budgets, and creating unique and effective ads.

How the Digitizer campaign process works Google advertising? 

  • Before we start any business we want to know as much as possible about you. What defines your brand? What are your business goals?
  • Competition research
  • Creating your Google Account
  • Creating campaigns
  • Landing page optimization
  • Conversion Tracking Implementation - Do ads work?
  • Reporting - Learn in detail where your campaign funds have been spent
  • Optimizing campaigns, ads, landing pages, etc. to get optimal results!

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by filling out the form. Digitizer as Google Partner charges your PPC (Search) & Display campaign management services from 10% to 20% of your budget. Depending on the configuration of the campaign, we are able to make special agreements.

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