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Facebook and Instagram Ads


Unlike Google ads which exclusively attract visitors to the website or in the case YouTube-and increase the viewership of video content on that platform, Facebook ads contain several types of different campaigns.


Although, depending on the goal of the campaign and the target group, each advertising platform is special and significant in its own way, Facebook the advertising platform is characterized by a wide range of possibilities, which you will read below.


As in the case of the code Google ads, via Facebook ads can also bring visitors to the website, but also increase the viewership of video content (in this case on Facebook-in). 


In addition to the above, there are other advertising opportunities:


  • Facebook ads that increase customer awareness of the brand, present the product or service and reach the maximum possible number of people, in a particular location.


  • Facebook ads that encourage user interaction in the form of commenting, sharing and liking ads. 


  • Facebook ads used for collecting leads (contact details of potential customers). 


  • Facebook ads that bring users to App or Play store and serve to increase application downloads.


  • Facebook ads that increase inbox contacts (Messenger and / or Instagram DM).


  • Facebook ads that increase the number of conversions, present specific products from Facebook catalog, as well as those that encourage users to visit the store offline, ie. at some physical location.


Since the Facebook the owner Instagram-and that these two platforms are connected in many ways, ads that are made for Facebook may (and may not) be ads that appear on Instagram-u.


For each of these campaigns, there is the possibility of creating a target group based on location, gender, age, language and specific interests. Depending on the type of campaign, the visual that represents the ad may be a photo, multiple sorted photos (carousel), as well as video. 

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