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youtube shorts is a new video experience with anyone who wants to create short and attractive videos using only mobile phones. YouTube decided to introduce the option they introduced and Tik Tok i Instagram.

Over the years YouTube has built an audience of more than 2 billion people. ''User-generated'' short videos have been there since the beginning YouTube-and when it is upload-the first 18-second video called ''Me at the zoo''.

Just because of that, YouTube presented YouTube Shorts, a new video experience in short form directly on the platform. An early beta version will be launched in India in the coming period with a handful of new creation tools to be tested.


What are YouTube Shorts?

youtube shorts is a novelty in the platform and allows you to record and publish videos for up to 15 seconds or less. The focus will be on 3 things:

a picture of a smartphone with a youtube logo on the screen
  1. Create: Creating is basically short videos, and YouTube will offer several new features:
  • Camera for merging multiple videos into one
  • Possibility of recording with music from the song library
  • Video speed control
  • Timer and countdown for easy video recording, without the use of hands


  1. Get Discovered: Every month 2 billion users come to YouTube. Thus YouTube wants to encourage everyone to post short videos, in addition it will be much easier to watch youtube shorts due to the position of the screen


  1. Watch: YouTube will allow that as well as the code Instagram-a TikTok-and move vertically to the next video


After Facebook's answers Tik Tok-UU Google decided to follow the trend of short videos. And if a platform "claims" the format of short videos, that's for sure YouTube. It was on this platform more than 15 years ago uploaded the first video we mentioned.


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Made by Nemanja Nedeljkovic - Senior Account Manager @Digitizer

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