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It is indisputable that video content they are becoming more and more popular content on the Internet and to have an increasing influence compared to other content. It is short videos that have become the most popular when it comes to social networksTik Tok has revolutionized its appearance when it comes to this fromat content. Of course, it was only a matter of time before the other giants joined the race to win market share, so Instagram knocked out Reels, while YouTube introduced Shorts. In the fight for the greatest possible popularization of its content YouTube starts offering cash incentives every month to create the best content on YouTube Shorts. YouTube Shorts the $ 100 million fund will be distributed during 2021-2022.


What's up YouTube Shorts Fund?

youtube shorts the fund that will be distributed monthly until the end of 2022 becomes the first way to earn from the creation Shorts content. “Because Shorts are a new way to watch and create on YouTube, we’re introducing a new way to monetize and reward authors for their content“, As they say from YouTube-and.

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Now everyone can get money to make youtube shorts recordings, whether they have a regular account or are part of it YouTube affiliate program. At the moment, the criteria for determining how it will be are not clear Shorts shots deserve cash prizes. Here is currently available information on how it works youtube shorts fund.


Who can participate?

Users do not have to apply to be eligible for the prize. YouTube will contact the creator whose they are Shorts the recordings received the most engagement and reviews to reward them for their contributions. The only criterion needed for consideration is that the content must be original and adhere to the guidelines YouTube communities. These authors will also be asked for feedback so that the product experience can be improved.

YouTube has introduced a new feature that will allow you to remix audio from videos on YouTube-u - which includes billions of videos - which will be possible for everyone who has access YouTube creation tools Shorts videos. This means that you will like the content you like to watch YouTube-be able to use it for creative purposes and help him find a new audience. Creators of course have control over their content and can always disable it if they do not want their long format video to be used for this purpose.

youtube shorts the fund is a short-term first step towards monetizing this new content format. Monetization Shorts content will be one of the top priorities in the future YouTube-And this is being actively worked on. When the monetization program is finally launched, it will be designed specifically for YouTube Shorts.

Considering that over 30 billion dollars were paid to authors, artists and media companies during the last 3 years YouTube-and, Shorts-and are definitely another opportunity to revive your creativity and originality.


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