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Popularity of short video content on social networks it is getting bigger and bigger. He started an absolute trend with his appearance TikTok, and very quickly Instagram responded with Reels format. Maybe he stayed a little on the sidelines youtube shorts, although the value of these clips may be far greater than we realize. YouTube decided to explain the Shorts algorithm and how it evaluates these videos.

An often overlooked fact is that YouTube is the second most used search engine after Google. With more than 14 billion monthly visits

YouTube certainly represents a great source of potential audience, and what we want to emphasize when it comes to Shorts video formats is their advantage over the competition, because they will be saved precisely in the YouTube search. 


How does the YouTube Shorts algorithm work?

In the Q&A video, YouTube answered the most frequently asked questions from creators about how to achieve the highest possible visibility of this short video format, i.e. when asked how the YouTube Shorts algorithm works.

Should Shorts be mixed with longer videos on a channel?

The first question that arises is how the YouTube Shorts algorithm reacts to channels that post Shorts videos even though they usually upload longer videos? Could this hurt their channel?

YouTube says the release of Shorts is unlikely to hurt channels that have established themselves with longer videos. In fact, according to their data, it can have the opposite effect.

A representative from YouTube says:

"We recently did an analysis where we looked at audience growth for channels that made only long-form videos and channels that made both long-form and short-form videos. Channels that made Shorts actually seemed to grow faster.

We expect audience demand for short-form content to remain current. This is a format that is becoming more and more popular, and this is exactly why we have invested so much in testing mobile authoring tools and Shorts discovery."



Does watching shorts affect the algorithm's recommendation for long-form content?

Each type of video has its own recommendation algorithm, and engagement with one type of content does not increase the recommendation for others. This is because people have different viewing preferences. People who like to watch Shorts may not be interested in watching longer videos.

“Viewers who watch Shorts are not always the same viewers who watch longer content… For this reason, we separate Shorts and long-form content from the viewing history. So when someone discovers a new channel through Shorts, we don't currently use it to inform them of what longer videos are recommended for them outside of the Shorts experience.”



Is there any benefit to starting a separate channel for Shorts?

While we've seen that there's generally no problem with mixing short and long-form content on the same channel, many creators choose to run a separate Shorts channel. The question is how to decide when to launch a separate channel for Shorts?


YouTube says:

"Try to group your channels around similar audiences that enjoy the same or similar content." Separate them when your viewers have completely different interests… If you start building different audiences with different interests, consider creating a separate channel.”


The last question that was asked is does the Shorts algorithm require a channel to upload a certain number of videos before they are recommended for viewing? The answer was that every Shorts has a chance to be recommended, even the first one that the channel uploads. However, it always helps to have an established audience.

"Each Shorts is given a chance to succeed regardless of the channel or number of videos on the channel. The performance of Shorts videos depends on whether people choose to watch and not skip the video in the Shorts feed. That audience engagement is often built over time, as opposed to instantaneous."


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Source:  YouTube

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