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Iz YouTube-a are, after listening to the feedback of the creators and marketing experts, announced several updates to its advertiser-tailored content guidelines (Advertiser-Friendly Content Guidelines) which he says will allow more content to become acceptable for full monetization. This practically means yes YouTube extends complete monetization to more types of content.

YouTube extends complete monetization

YouTube extends the complete monetization which is indicated by the green icon in YouTube study. The creators who are a part YouTube affiliate program can immediately determine if the video qualifies for full or partial monetization by looking at the color-coded icons in YouTube study.  


  • Green icon - The video meets the conditions to achieve full monetization.
  • Yellow icon - Video will show limited ads or not show them.
  • Red icon - Video does not meet the requirements for monetization.
  • Gray icon - The creator manually turned off monetization.


Full monetization extends to content that contains “violent interactions with law enforcement, recreational drugs, and drug-related content or sensitive events"- although only when these videos are used for educational, news or documentary purposes. Previously, these types of videos did not qualify for full monetization.

Further, YouTube expands its monetization around controversial issues, where the content is not a specific image, but an objective discussion of controversial issues. Then in the area of ​​adult topics provided in the context of humor. YouTube said he would allow monetization on videos discussing adult topics when “delivered in the context of humor", As well as videos that contain the use of moderate vulgarities in the first 30 seconds of the video. Before that, using obscene words in the first 30 seconds of a video could lead to demonetization.

Iz YouTube-a say they met with advertisers to provide arguments for some responsible content policy updates. This means that there will now be more opportunities for content creators to fully monetize their content, while some of these content would rather get a yellow icon.

Certain areas of content are moved from the range of the yellow icon and moved to the range of the green icon. The changes will apply to those types of content that we mentioned earlier in the text.


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