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Google has recently introduced a lot of novelties in many of its products. Of course not YouTube it did not go unnoticed. YouTube introduces a new feature that would allow users to record and share moments from live videos and streams. These YouTube clips can be between 5 and 60 seconds long and a new URL will be associated with them. 


YouTube clips and streaming

"YouTube clips allow you to select a 5-60 second content segment (uploaded and streamed videos) that can be shared with others on different platforms. If you're watching content from one of the channels in this experiment, you'll see a clip icon below the video, which will allow you to select the part of the video you want to crop", It is stated in the official announcement of the company. 

a drawing of a smartphone next to which a screen with a YouTube play icon is carved

Clip cutting has become a standard feature of live streaming and has finally been adopted as well YouTube. Viewers tend to create clips from streams when it comes to some funny moment, impressive quote, funny or unpleasant gaffe, impressive detail from a video game, etc. Given the growing popularity they are gaining, YouTube the clips could prove to be one of his most significant additions in recent times.

All YouTube the clips will be linked by a separate URL leading to the video creator's channel. Every time a viewer cuts a stream and shares it, it potentially helps that channel gain more viewers.


The first phase of testing

This feature is currently in alpha testing and is only available to selected authors. This is a smart move for YouTubebecause clip cutting is becoming the industry standard for live streaming. This way you can share live video content more easily via a short video clip, which can be shared by social networks, instead of requiring viewers to watch videos that may take a long time.

drawing of a laptop around when there is a checklist of tests and people taking measurements

YouTube tests a new feature with a relatively small group of creators, gathering feedback to guide the further development of this feature. YouTube clips can be created during a live stream and from a video on demand (VOD) uploaded later. If you watch content from one of the channels covered by the test group, below the video you will see a clip icon that looks like scissors. Tap the clip icon and you will be able to select the part of the video you want to share with others.

Although YouTube clips can only be made from certain channels during the test period, all viewers can create clips from those channels. When a user creates a clip, it is stored on a dedicated tab that will hold all the clips that the user creates on YouTube-u. YouTube does not specify which channels are part of the test group, so you will need to look for an icon for this feature.


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Source: Searchenginejournal

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