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In today's world digital marketing we are somewhat forgetting some formats that were dominant in advertising until just a decade ago. The slightly older generation certainly remembers some ingenious commercials that they could listen to from radio stations. Imagine the challenge, and on the other hand, the skill, to attract the attention of the audience only through audio ads. However, today, when people's attention is distracted on several sides, this way of advertising may gain importance again. They recognized this in YouTube-and at the end of last year they launched a beta version of the audio ad. YouTube audio ads are being introduced to track the different ways users interact with this platform.

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Such as YouTube explained:

"To help you adapt your media and creative approach to the different ways consumers interact with YouTube, we're introducing audio ads, our first ad format designed to connect your brand with audiences in engaged and ambient listening on YouTube. Audio ads, currently in beta, help you effectively expand your reach and increase brand awareness with audio ads and measure audience response to your brand in the same way as a video campaign. "


YouTube audio ads

YouTube Audio ads offer advertisers a new way to reach consumers YouTubewhile receiving the same analytics and campaign support, including targeting options and bidding strategies, as when running standard YouTube video ads.

Audio ads may sound unusual for a platform that specializes in video content, but we're sure u YouTube have very strong reasons to run a test version of this way of advertising. Streaming music on YouTube has reached its historical maximum, with more than 50% of registered viewers on YouTube-in spends more than 10 minutes on music content on average every day. That's why from YouTubeThey say "we present new solutions for your brand in order to be seen, heard and recognized along with the music content".


Increase brand awareness

Matt Southern za search engine journal notes that “57 of the first 100 YouTube search related to music. ”More than 75 percent of the measured audio ad campaigns on YouTube-u increased brand awareness. YouTube audio ads are available in beta at auction on Google Ads-ui Display&Video 360 at cost per thousand impressions (CPM), with the same audience targeting options, bidding strategies, and brand performance measurement capabilities as for video campaigns.

Although more than 2 billion users a month watch music videos on YouTube-u, and more than 85% are actively watching spots while listening to music, yet a significant portion of the audience just listens while the music plays in the background. Audio ads feature a voice display that delivers a message while a static image or simple animation is displayed on the screen. Many users leave YouTube streams in the background as you would with a radio station, which means yes YouTube audio ads definitely have their place. 

As more and more users turn to online platforms for most of their needs, from music to shopping, due to the effects of the pandemic, all advertisers should be prepared to try new digital advertising strategies that help put messages in front of target audience.


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Made by Nebojsa Radovanovic - SEO Expert @Digitizer

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