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WordPress is without a doubt the most popular platform for website designWordPress sites have gained their great popularity due to the relatively simple content management interface on them. The large community behind this platform also implies constant support of the platform and constant work on improving and eliminating possible omissions. With recent changes that is Google introduced in their search, the logical answer was improvements that would adequately follow the resulting changes. Almost published version WordPress 5.9 can improve results Core Web Vitals, which have become a new ranking factor, up to 33%. 


WordPress 5.9 and Core Web Vitals

Suggested update for WordPress 5.9 can automatically improve results Largest Contentful Paint parameter. It has been shown to be an improved way lazy-loading-and there are vital improvements in the metrics Core Web Vitals called LCV (Largest Contentful Paint). Testing revealed that this change improved performance metrics Core Web Vitals- on average from 7% to as much as 33%.

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What is lazy loading?

Lazy-loading is a way to speed up the intended download of a site page from a browser by delaying the download of site elements, such as images and iframes, that are not currently needed. Using lazy-loading Elements such as images that are not visible on the site visitor's screen can be delayed using an HTML attribute called loading attribute (load attribute).

Since the image is also an HTML element of a web page, this attribute modifies the image, telling the browser to delay its download. In this way, the browser is released in order to download the more important elements of the page that are immediately visible to the site visitor. This makes the site faster and more interactive for the visitor.


Where is the problem?

Largest Contentful Paint measures how fast the image and other elements are downloaded in the display box of the website visitor (the screen that the visitor sees). Since version 5.5 WordPress code added by default the lazy loading attribute for all images and iframe -s. The problem here is that images at the top of the page, such as logos or featured images, need to be downloaded to make the site's page usable. WordPress cannot reliably estimate whether an image will appear above or below the screen, as this depends on the theme that is currently active. 

The reason is that all themes are coded differently, and the solution to this problem is set before developers who develop WordPress 5.9.

Although the current implementation of the default lazy-loading-and it wasn't ideal, but its use is a big improvement over not adding a load attribute at all. Proposed solution WordPress-this developer team is to turn off the addition of attributes lazy-loading-in the first picture or iframe in the code.


A solution is being worked on

This method has been tested on the 50 most popular WordPress theme and it was concluded that adding this method to the first image or element iframeprovided an average improvement in results LCP Core Web Vitals by 7%. The process was then repeated on the first two elements of the page. Performance improvements fell by an average of 2%, clearly showing the exclusion lazy-loading-and from several elements did not improve LCP for the better, on the contrary.

Since it has been shown that the omission of the first two images of content from lazy-loading-and gives worse results for metrics than just omitting the first one, it was concluded that tests with a larger number of images are not necessary.


Test results showed:

  • 5% of the subjects in the test group achieved LCP results that were 10% worse to as much as 21% worse.
  • 42% of topics improved LCP results from 10% to as much as 33% better performance.
  • Testing revealed that the benefits were greater for most of the topics tested.


The better solution lazy-loadingwas placed in front of the expected WordPress 5.9., the release of which was announced for December 2021. Suggestions for improving the function lazy-loading-and they are currently in the discussion phase and so far they have found a positive response in the comments. If everything goes according to plan, we can expect that at the end of the year we will get a version that will significantly improve Largest Contentful Paint results.


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