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Nowadays, people are busy, they don't have time for everything they want to achieve, so they carefully choose what to read, that is. what is worth their attention and time. The task of the title in the text is yes attracts attention completely, so that at that moment all attention is focused only on your text. When title some text attracts attention, people start reading the text to learn more. Whether they start reading something or just keep going, people decide in just a second or two. That is why the title is the first, and sometimes the only chance to attract the reader's attention. Although your text can be informative, useful and very entertaining, it can often go unread if the title of that text does not attract attention.

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What should the title of the text be in order to attract attention?

Above all, the title must be clear, concise and precise. He should talk about what follows in the rest of the text. Also, the title must be relevant. In addition to all this, the title must be interesting to attract attention. The title of the text must not be boring.

It actually represents your first contact with a potential client, and we all know how important a first impression is. Your title is important to the reader because it is a great indicator of your personality. What you shouldn't do when you come up with a text title is try to "sell" something to your reader right away, but you should entice them to keep reading the rest of the text. 


The question is the best answer

Using questions in the title is the most effective way to attract attention. This is also something that search engines love, especially when the rest of your text contains the answer to that question. If it is well written, the question should attract, intrigue or even provoke readers to want to read more. 

If you search the internet, you will notice that some texts on this topic suggest that headlines should not contain more than seven words. However, this is not always true. It is important that they are simple, concrete and interesting, as we have already said, and the number of words that the title contains is less important. 

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In that one second in which the reader decides whether to read a text or not, he will wonder if he benefits from your text. That’s what the title you wrote will show him.

In previous texts we have written about the fact that it is important that a certain text contains emotion, that the reader can find understanding in your text, and, finally, a solution to the problem that bothers him. 

Headlines are really the most important part of writing your article. That's the first thing that can get your reader's attention. So make sure the title is clear, precise and interesting.


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Made by Ana Korolija - Senior Copywriter @Digitizer

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