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Needless to say, it is important today for every business to be present and represented on the Internet. Good and functional website It can greatly improve your business and help you make contact with target audience and potential future clients. That is why the question of positioning in search results is very important. It is important that your site appears in search results for key phrases which are important to you. Since the search on mobile devices is constantly increasing, it is important to monitor the ranking results as on desktop with computers as well as on mobile devices. John Mueller iz Google-a explains why ranking results for mobile devices and computers may differ and what factors may affect that ranking.


Ranking for mobile devices and computers

The question that was asked was why the rankings on computers and mobile devices differ, given that it has long been switched to mobile-first indexing and it is Google there is only one index from when it displays results.

It's Mueller pointed out that indexing and ranking are two different things. Just because we are in the environment mobile-first indexing does not mean that mobile and PC versions will rank equally because they are indexed as mobile.

“So, mobile-first indexing primarily refers to that technical aspect of content indexing. And we use mobile Googlebot to index content. But once the content is indexed, the ranking is still (somehow) completely separate. “

Mueller He then explained that in some situations the context of the browser and the device used during the search may change the ranking. He explained that for some searches, the needs of users differ depending on the device, and that can affect the ranking.

"And it is normal that the ranking on a computer and a mobile device is different. Sometimes it's about things like speed. Sometimes it's about things like adapting to mobile devices.

Sometimes this is also related to the various elements displayed on the search results page. For example, if you search on your phone, you may want more local information because you are on the go. Whereas if you search on a desktop, you may want more images or more videos to appear in search results. Therefore, we tend to show… a different combination of different types of search results.

And because of that, it can happen that the ranking or visibility of individual pages differs between mobile devices and computers. And that's basically normal. It’s part of our way of ranking. I would not say that it would be related to the technical aspect of content indexing. “

The continuation of the question referred to whether the lower rank on mobile devices is a consequence page load speeds.

Mueller replied:

"Mobile-friendly is definitely a factor. There may be other factors, especially in relation to mobile devices and computers. These are the kind of differences that always exist in terms of search results on mobile devices and computers. Sometimes it's just because it's a different device or a different Internet connection, so we basically use different personalization settings. “


The difference in ranking is due to personalization

Mueller confirmed that indexing on mobile devices is just indexing and separate from the ranked part of the algorithm.

He also found that personalization plays a role in the occasional differences in search rankings between searches on mobile devices and computers. He said that the needs of someone on a mobile device may differ from the needs of someone who is on a computer.

So, if someone is trying to diagnose why there are differences in ranking between devices, then it might be useful to see why the best ranked pages for mobile devices are more desirable than lower ranked pages in the context of mobile device and personalization.


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Source: searchenginejournal

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