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Attracting as many visitors as possible is the main goal of everyone's existence website site. Of course unless you created the site out of a pure desire for entertainment or for some internal needs. Yet the vast majority arose from the need to start or improve a business. Ultimately, the revenue that will be generated on the basis of the site is one of the goals of its existence. But why do people visit the site? How to attract an audience and increase traffic on the site?


Why do people visit the site?

You could say this is a million dollar question. No one can give a definitive answer to this question. However, there are some guidelines that can help us with that. We will try to answer the question why people visit the site, what motivates them to click on a link, what needs do they want to satisfy?

Analyzing and predicting audience behavior online can be the most important item in site design and devising an overall performance strategy. Here are the main drivers:


Teach me

Recent events have given us the opportunity to see another useful side of the internet. In the impossibility for school and faculty classes to take place regularly, most of the communication is focused on on line activities. The number of webinars has increased significantly and, in general, content of this type is becoming increasingly popular.

Perhaps one of the roles that is most easily overlooked on the Internet is precisely the possibility of learning. We are convinced that it happened to each of you to thoroughly engage in research on a topic that you did not know anything about until then, and which attracted your attention. Do we want to learn more about current events such as coronavirus or to educate ourselves about current political processes, and maybe learn something about the medieval history of Serbia?

Numerous sites can give us the answer to this as well as many other questions, allowing us to learn at the time and pace that answers us the most. This is definitely a big advantage.


Sell ​​it to me

The situation with the pandemic has led to a large increase in online shopping. The inability to function normally has even led to a significant increase in the purchase of basic groceries on line.

These days it is possible to buy almost anything online. Potential customers are there and it is up to you to attract them either directly (by coming directly to your site, via e-commerce) or indirectly, if they want to buy something, you must let them know that your site is where they can do it and make it easier let them do it. If they didn't want to buy something in the first place, you can persuade them to do so by giving them information, entertaining them or giving them a sense of participation in a wider story.

After making a purchase decision, try to make the buying process as easy as possible. The average abandonment rate for a shopping cart is 67%. This means that 67% of people who put an item in the shopping cart on the site never complete the payment process. Reduce this number by focusing on making it as easy as possible for people to complete the process.


Inform me

People are constantly looking for some information. Google has recognized this for a long time and strives to adapt its service as much as possible to the needs of users. It used to take quite a bit of effort to get some information. Now the information is available in seconds.

Send potential customers a message they’ll like on an emotional level, then give them the information they need to know how could you solve their problem. This is a great step towards buying from you, having fun or becoming part of your community in any way.


Entertain me

The beauty of online entertainment is that you can access it anywhere, anytime, in most cases. Internet entertainment has never been more accessible. People spend a lot of their free time online looking for fun content.

Whether the party was their original intention to come to your site or not, entertain them in some way and they will most likely remember information about you, buy something from you or wish for something from your offer. There are a number of ways you can animate clients, whether it’s fun clips, an interesting story.


Accept me

Keep in mind that there is a need for most people to be part of something bigger than themselves. This may mean that subscribers are not some content, someone "from the story" or even just part of a group that bought something from you. You can evoke this feeling very subtly, but creating the feeling of being part of a community is a very powerful motivation. As Aristotle said: "Man is a social being."

By making them part of your "tribe", you will build a long-term relationship of trust. It is on this foundation that you can build a solid building for the growth and development of your business.

Website design and development is a demanding and challenging process, but be sure that a job well done puts you at a great advantage over the competition. Invest enough time and resources, think about why people visit the site and what you have that will attract them, and the results will be more than visible.


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