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Logo design is becoming simpler. Even large companies that have a long tradition and a recognizable brand opt for it redesign to simplify the logo and eliminate excess details. The question is why, when technology advances and design possibilities become greater?

Digitizer logo example

Why a logo should be simple

If they looked for the answer in just one sentence, then they would say that it is because it is easier to remember. Kurt Weidemann, one of the most influential graphic designers and typographers of the 20th century said: "A good logo is something you can draw with your toe in the sand. "

Nowadays, when consumers are overwhelmed with information, the unwritten rule is to simplify messages. More details and graphic elements mean more information that the consumer needs to process. That's why with a simple graphic solution you leave space for your brand to be more easily noticed and thus more easily communicate with your target group.

maxinnovation logo example

On the other hand, you should keep in mind that with the development of your brand, your logo will have a wider application. Therefore, the logo must be equally clear and accessible regardless of the platform or communication channel, which means that it should leave the same effect regardless of whether your target group will see it on printed material, monitor, tablet or mobile phone.

The third reason is that a simple logo instills confidence. Such solutions exude confidence and give your brand credibility. The logo should be viewed as a signature, not as a story. It should associate consumers with your product or service, not illustrate your offer.

example logo

Of course, what is a recommendation and a trend does not necessarily mean that it is the rule. If you style your logo too much, it can look "cheap" and possibly look like others, so unique details are sometimes desirable to make your logo stand out.

That's why designers often, through a book of graphic standards, create a graphic solution of the logo with more or less details so that it can be adapted to the application and dimensions, ie different channels of communication.


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Made by Sava Spasic - Senior Graphic Designer @Digitizer

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