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Internal links na website Pages are important for several reasons. They indicate to search engines the relevance of the pages, the relationship between the pages, as well as the value of the pages. Internal links are important for the best possible structure website site, which should have a clear hierarchy from the home page, and further to other segments (pages) of the site. The latest blog posts will get a higher link value if you link them from the home page, not just the category page. I Google will find new posts faster if they are linked from the homepage. Also the content on the site that you consider to be the most relevant and that forms the basis of your site (cornerstone content - the content that is the cornerstone) should have the largest number of internal links to itself. Internal links will help search engines get information about which content on the site is of the utmost importance.

What are all the internal links there?

Internal links can be contextual links, navigational links, taxonomic… Contextual links are links in the text that lead to another text that deals with a similar topic or a specific term that is linked to it. Navigation links are those that lead to the main navigation on the site, such as the home page or some other larger section of the site. These links make it easier to navigate the site and provide a better user experience. Taxonomic links are the ones that lead to categories and tags which helps Google-u to understand the structure of your site (blog) and also help readers to find related posts more easily.

Good structure important for SEO

Good site structure has the fewest possible links between the home page and every other page on the site. This is useful because it allows you to link equity flows through the entire site, thus increasing the ranking potential of each individual page. Link equity or link juice is the name used for the search engine ranking factor based on the idea that certain links transfer value and authority from one page to another. This value depends on a number of factors. Link equity can be understood as the transfer of page rankings that go from one link to another. It can be transmitted both by external and internal links on the site. 

Search engines need to have access to an indexable link structure - an enabling structure spider- to browse the linked paths, to find all the pages on the site. It is of the utmost importance that this structure be as simple and clear as possible. Otherwise, this will prevent the pages listed in the search engine indexes from being displayed.

What are breadcrumbs?

A special area when it comes to links to website the site are breadcrumbs. Breadcrumbs is the text part on the site that provides the user with information about the path he took to reach the page he is currently on. This provides a clear picture of the site's hierarchy and current position on it. Breacrumbs make it easier to navigate the site and make it easier for the user to return to previous pages. They also make it easier Google bots to better understand the structure of the site, which certainly has a positive impact on SEO.


They are especially useful for sites with a complex structure or hierarchy such as E-commerce sites. They are not too necessary on smaller sites, especially if you already have them sitemap XML and good navigation links.

Today, less and less people enter the site through the home page. This means that any part of the site can be an entry point. You need to figure out a way to direct these visitors to other parts of the site, if the selected page does not meets their needs. Breadcrumbs come into play here and can significantly lower the site abandonment rate (Bouncing Rate), because you offer visitors an alternative way to view the offer (content) of the site. Using breadcrumbs-and the user can easily go back a step or two and find what he really needs.

You should always keep in mind that it is breadcrumbs a linearly structured link, so it is only useful if all the pages are classified into neat categories. Page navigation options must be clear, visible and functional. Some sites do not need it breadcrumbs-and, because the main menu, secondary navigation and some other blocks on the site provide all the possibilities necessary for navigating and navigating the site.

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