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It is the change of the algorithm that requires constant vigilance and monitoring of emerging innovations, as well as work on quality content, as well as technical aspects, which allow to website be optimized as best as possible. Google has published in the past Core Update Your algorithm every few months. Now, slowly, almost in the middle of the year, the first officially confirmed one has started Core Update for 2021.. We will try to take a look at the effects of this in our text Update-and consider what you will need to pay attention to when updating sites.

“During the day, we publish a broad Core Update, as we do several times a year. It's called Core Update for June 2021, followed by Core Update for July stated in an official statement from Google-and. 

Google Core Update for July 2021

Core Update which started in June continued on July 1, which we can say represents the rest of the change that is Google intended to add to the June update. If your site was affected by the June changes, it is possible that the new July Update-om he regained the lost positions in the search. There were numerous updates during June Google searches, so it may be difficult to diagnose which particular update affected a particular site. And maybe it's a combination Updatedid this affect the position of the site? However, not all updates are applicable to all sites. These two basic versions of Core Update-a algorithms can affect most sites, as they are widely represented in all search results.

It's still in June Google said most sites will not notice the impact of this Update-a. Now that its sequel is being implemented, we will see if that is the case. It will definitely take a couple of weeks to see the effects of the changes.

Google has long given sghosts about what to consider if any Core Update negatively affected your site. There are no special actions that need to be taken to recover the site, and in fact, a negative impact on the ranking may not mean that something is wrong with the site's pages. Yet, Google he offered a list of issues to consider if your site is affected Core Updateom. As for the latter Update-a from Google they emphasized that some important results of the recovery of site results between these two updates will probably not be seen, but the biggest visible change would be after the second Core Update which began now in July.


Experience Update 

There it is Experience Update whose beginning is announced for the middle of June and which will last until the end of August. Expectations of the effect Experience Update-and maybe you shouldn't overestimate. Google will this one Update introduce gradually and slowly over the next few months. “This update is designed to highlight sites that offer a good user experience, and Page Experience remains one of the many factors our systems take into account. Given this, sites generally should not expect drastic changes. " However, the impression is that the satisfaction of the audience that visits a certain website must certainly be one of the most important factors.  

What remains is to regularly monitor any changes that may occur due to the action of the new one Core Update and of course to strive for the best quality of content which is placed on the site. Still, a true picture of what is new Update we will have it only after a certain period of time has passed.


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