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He may not play the most attractive basketball, he may not act like a top athlete, but the numbers are relentless, Nikola Jokić is the MVP. Or in translation the most useful player (most valuable player) NBA League. Now you wonder what this has to do with internet marketing. There is something we call site MVP website. Or in translation of the most useful pages of the site. And again, these are numbers that indicate that this particular part of the site is the most deserving for the success of the business.

Your most valuable pages can have the most positive impact on your business. Find out here what MVPs are - the most useful pages of the site and how to optimize them. 

Businesses of all sizes need to be able to prioritize those segments of the site that have the greatest potential impact. Consistently and quickly identifying and optimizing your most valuable pages is a task that requires constant attention and is very often neglected.


What are the most useful pages of the site?

Simply put, the most useful site sites are the pages or sections of your website that have the greatest business impact. In some cases, your most useful cells may not yet exist. This is something you can discover by analyzing the lack of content on the site and constantly monitoring key analytics data.

For sites that they are not e-commerce, the most useful stations of the site would traditionally include the following pages:


  • Home Page
  • Contact page
  • About Us
  • Basic service pages
  • Pages that show expertise (most often blog texts)

Za E-commerce Sites pages like home page, contact page, about us, etc., are still probably the most useful fit of the site. However, in addition to them, additional emphasis should be on those pages that generate revenue.

This often includes a mix of site-level and product-level pages, so that products are clear, easy to search, including comparisons and ratings - that help people get the information they're looking for during the buying process.


How do you decide which pages to focus on?

The most useful aspects of the site must be closely aligned with your business goals and the way they are achieved online. Your most popular pages are not necessarily the most useful if they do not direct traffic where it is needed or do not help your company achieve a measurable business result.

It is important to have wide enough access to the metrics that are important so that you can then apply them in the decision-making process.


Optimizing the most useful pages of the site

The types of activities you undertake during the optimization of the pages you deal with should be closely aligned with the planned goals you intended to achieve, the purpose of the page or specific content, as well as other factors such as the marketing channel applied.


It is important to have a diverse and consistent way of looking at performance that includes major marketing channels and monitoring them along with clear goals. The most useful parties have significant business and commercial impact and require consistent and reliable ways to evaluate, refine, and improve performance through optimization.

The identification and optimization of these pages will vary in some ways, but there are consistent factors to consider. Always try to align the most useful pages of the site with the company's goals and the purpose of the page when it comes to metrics and measuring their performance.


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Source: searchenginejournal

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