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When you are a beginner in creating sites (and when you are not), you will come to the situation that from the "must" of plugins intended for the WordPress platform, you must choose the ones that will allow you the easiest start, the highest quality and most effective work in WordPress. it is supported by options that you need immediately or will need over time.

From our example, we will try to help you choose. On the other hand, keep in mind that in time you will find the WordPress plugins that will work best for you.


What are the most basic WordPress plugins we use?


Remember, choosing the right plugin can affect site security, speed as well as user experience. But "real" plugins for WordPress can increase the functionality of the site, affect SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and many other things.

This time we will not write in too much detail about each plugin, we leave that for future blogs. Further reading with understanding requires at least a basic knowledge of WordPress. HINT: Links to plugins are in the title, or to the wordpress plugin page if we agree with the FREE version, or directly to the plugin site if we agree that a PREMIUM version is required.


Let's go:


1.      Classic Editor


Cliché or not, whether it comes with a theme or not, it doesn’t matter. Classic editor is a plugin "under the must" or you will have to navigate the sea of ​​codes. Among other things, this plugin allows you to hide the functions of the basic block editor of WordPress - Gutenberg (bljak). In addition to the Classic editor, by default, we install 3 more plugins that will make your work easier in the long run (prevent the deactivation of the Classic Editor with a theme and wordpress update):


2.      Classic Editor Addon


A plugin that helps with block and scripts for WooCommerce (you don't have to know what it is, just install it).


3.      Enable Classic Editor


A plugin that provides a new level of security around updating the theme and wordpress, because it often happens that during the mentioned action, which on the other hand is highly desirable at least for security, wordpress automatically deactivates Classic Editor without the possibility of activation.


4.      TinyMCE advanced


A plugin that makes it easier to configure text in the Classic paragraph text editor and brings many other features related to the Classic editor.


5.      Page Builder Pagers


Although contested we still believe that for continuous work in a responsive environment it is the best builder. The basics of the function it brings us are:

- Front End Editing

- Serious template library

- Lots of Content Elements that can be used

- Enables the construction of "skins"

- It is certainly responsive, but it requires adjustment

- Functional "Grid" builder

Sometimes it comes with paid themes, most often not. Buy it. We do not recommend cracked versions because they do not support the update.


6.      Templater for WPBakery Page Builder


Serious template manager for WPBakery. Allows you to create page templates or page parts templates that you can update to specific parts of the site, such as an ad block or contact form that is repeated only on certain pages.


7.      Contact Form 7


For this plugin, the rule is that he is a good servant, but an evil master. Just so. We recommend that you understand the value of the coded contact form, as well as connecting to the Google Recaptcha system (required). It is easy to make a form, but it is extremely hard and demanding to make a good, safe and user friendly contact form. If you want to tweak the look of the form, we recommend this plugin only if you also have knowledge of CSS.


8.      Duplicate Page


The simplest plugin for multiplying created pages. Hint: Be careful when duplicating pages, posts, products, etc. and pay attention to url, SEO optimization, featured image, categories, etc.


9.      Yoast SEO


One of the most contested plugins. However, it suits us. It is one of the more complicated plugins that enable SEO optimization. Along with it, you also have its sister Yoag-related plugins like “News” and others, so go ahead, learn. We sincerely recommend the PREMIUM version.


10.    slider Revolution


As a company that is recognized as a "Slider Revolution" Expert, of course we have to recommend it. We have to explain that with this plugin, design skills and knowledge of .svg and .png files are highly desirable. We recommend the premium version absolutely. Don't be afraid of it because it requires work and study. On the other hand, there are also simpler alternatives such as the Layer Slider.


11.    WP Rocket


Although it says it speeds up your site in just a few clicks, we need to distance ourselves and suggest that this is not the case. A plugin that can change a lot, but also requires a lot of effort and science. Again, don’t be afraid of him. We absolutely recommend the Premium version.


We repeat that this is our choice, that we have the privilege that is reflected in the long-term work with each of the mentioned premium plugins, and we hope that we will have time to "process" them in more detail on our blog.


We intentionally did not cover the topic of plugins to connect to the Google Ads platform, Google Analytics and other Google tools.


On the other hand, every WordPress professional knows that time and many hours of learning and working create certain work habits. We want you to create your own.


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Made by Mladen Manojlović - General Manager @Digitizer