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UI and UX design tools are primarily used to create content with which the user should communicate with the interface. How do you switch from one screen to another and what are the visual changes we encounter? Read the best tools for UI and UX design in our text.

a computer screen drawing poed when a man and a woman are adding content to the screen

Designers have always used well-known ones Adobe tools and there’s hardly a creative task that you won’t solve for Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator or possibly InDesign.

However with development web design which is increasingly different and "moving away" from graphic design, a completely new group of tools has appeared that simplifies the process, saves time, but also encourages creativity in making websites sites and mobile applications.

Today, when the position UX and UI designers it is not yet clearly defined, at least not in our country, one gets the impression that it is the right time to discover and learn new tools. However, the large market has encouraged the development of a large number of great tools, so the question arises which are the best?


The best tools for UI and UX design

As always, the choice of tools primarily depends on the entire work process, so it is likely that you will need more than one platform to achieve your goals. In time, you will discover which ones are most effective for you and your team. We will mention the ones that are currently the most popular and best tools for UI and UX design?



InVisionStudio is a tool for making "prototypes" websites sites and mobile applications, equally popular with both UX and UI designers. You can upload-you static files and quickly convert them into interactive prototypes.

It is also very useful for clients and other members of your team, because they can directly comment on your design solutions, and you can also share new ideas. Another good side is that it is compatible with Sketch-om (a tool we will mention later). Registration is free. This is one of the most famous and popular tools, so it is definitely worth using.

screen image from invision studio


Sketch is one of the most powerful tools for websites design. It is based on vector graphics, which means that you can easily resize the asset you draw, without losing image quality. And if the name "Sketch”States that it is a strictly drawing tool, it is equally good for making prototypes, especially in combination with InVision-om.

Sketch thanks to its popularity among websites designers also have a large number of accessories (Plugin-ova) which further simplifies the making process itself. However, if we can call it a flaw, it is only available for Mac. It is unknown at this time whether manufacturers plan to support other operating systems.

a screenshot from the Sketch app

Adobe XD

Adobe XD is also a vector tool for UX and UI designers. What makes this tool exceptional is exactly what it comes from Adobe "Families", so if you already have experience with Adobe Creative Cloud-om compatibility with others Adobee-this tools will give you tremendous opportunities in using XD as well.

What also makes this tool special is the support for it voice prototype. This feature allows designers to create prototypes for voice-activated devices.

As for operating systems Adobe XD will work equally well in Windows 10 iu MacOS, and is also available as a mobile application for Android i iOS.

in Figma

in Figma is a UX and UI design tool that allows multiple users to collaborate online at the same time. This tool has thus proven to be very useful for large projects, where you have more participants in creating content. What still makes this tool interesting, especially for designers, is the option for responsive design, ie to change the display with changing the screen size.

As for operating systems in Figma is available for Windows, MacOS i Linux. There is a free and paid version, depending on what you use it for.

image of the title screen from the Figma application

These are just some of the tools used for UX and UI design. At least the ones you will meet most often. From the description, you can already guess what you should take into account when choosing which tool is best for you. First of all, what types of projects will you focus on? Do you need a design tool websites sites, mobile applications or both? Of course, you should also make sure that the tools you choose are compatible with the operating system you are using.


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Made by Sava Spasic - Senior Graphic Designer @Digitizer

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