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We assume that most of the answers would be: Yes, of course! We ourselves were ready to affirmatively click on the main one on this claim. Until we got the opposite claim no less and no more than from Google-a. Voice search is not the future of search, or at least not to the extent that it is widely believed that it is.


A long dreamed dream

Back in 2016 Google started Google Assistant enabling a new voice search experience that promised a new channel for content distribution. All indications were that this way of searching would take precedence in the near future. What's more, it was published in 2018 structured data specification called speakable which was intended to structure data on news sites.

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When people ask Google Assistant - "Hey Google, what's the latest news about NASA?", Google Assistant responds with an excerpt from a newspaper article and the name of the news organization. Google Assistant then asks if the user would like to hear another newspaper article and also sends relevant links to the user's mobile device. " stands in an official statement from Google.

Until 2021. Google has published an additional developer page in connection with the beta program Speakable. Publishers are encouraged to add tags to structured data Speakable on their pages to help search engines and other devices identify which pieces of content can be spoken.

The general understanding was that the industry was on the verge of a new way to reach new site visitors, but that never materialized.


Google says voice search is not the future

In a recent podcast Search Off the RecordJohn Mueller iz Google-a Martin Split they discussed the future of the search and the discussion eventually turned to voice search.

John Mueller asked if the search industry would have to optimize for voice search in the future. Martin Split he wasted no time in extinguishing the idea that voice search was the future. There was nothing unequivocal in his answer.

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When asked "Will SEO need to be optimized for voice search?", Martin Split he replied, “Oh God, a future that will never be. I don't think so, because if we have learned something… ”, alluding to the ancient beginning of the idea in Google-in voice search. The inspiration for that was the famous Star Trek series in which the characters communicated directly by voice with the computer and its interface. Many years later, the attitude changed significantly.

Splitt -This explanation of why voice search will not be the future may reflect a mature understanding of this technology now that we have been in it for several years. He mentioned that the "input modality" of voice search has changed, which means that the way the search is experienced has changed, but that the part of the search that processes voice commands has not changed, which probably means that SEO specific for voice search will not have to exist .


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Source: Searchenginejournal

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