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Internet search is becoming more and more perfect and high quality with the results it offers on our queries. Search engine algorithms are becoming more complex and better understood user intentions. Of course, Google as the world's leading search engine it also attracts the most attention to the novelties it introduces. MUM (Multitasking Unified Model) is certainly one of the most important and potentially most influential newspapers.

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Google MUM is a group of technologies that work together to solve difficult search queries that cannot be answered with a short snippet or traditional search results in the form of offered links to results that offer an answer.


MUM completely changes the search

Multitasking Unified Model (MUM) aims to respond to modern search requirements by using an algorithm powered by artificial intelligence to improve the online search experience. MUM is a powerful algorithm whose power comes from the fact that it can perform multiple tasks simultaneously. He doesn't have to do one task after another, but he can handle multiple tasks. This means that he can read the text, understand the meaning, form a deeper knowledge of the topic, use video and audio content to enrich his knowledge, gain insight into over 75 languages ​​and translate these findings into multi-layered content that answers complex questions. This allows generation rich results who respond to the query by presenting brand new content!

The MUM update means that searches will display information that provides useful, related insights and will search for sources of this information more than any other update before it.

Google he takes easy steps towards a search engine that is completely powered by artificial intelligence. The search engine may not even be the right word here, because it is more a "machine" for presenting knowledge. 


Google is committed to developing a search that would include data entry from as many sources as possible. In order to use all these different sources in a way that would lead to a meaningful search and presentation of results, adequate changes must be made. Understanding language is key. The development of efficient and flexible language models that can generate content to provide concise answers will become essential. 


T5 text-to-text framework

MUM uses T5 text-to-text framework which is 1000 times more powerful than the previous major update of the BERT algorithm, created for the sake of better understanding of human language. MUM not only understands language, but also generates it. Using 75 different languages ​​and many different tasks at once allows him to develop a more comprehensive understanding of information and knowledge than previous models. MUM has the potential to break down the language barrier. It can learn from sources that are not written in the language in which you wrote the search and thus provide you with the highest quality and most valid information.

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Google is currently testing MUM until a secure ability to add to systems is confirmed. There is no clear time frame when this will happen. The introduction of MUM can simply mean better search results, but it can also mean a new type of search result. This can affect how you think about content. It may be less important to answer the audience's questions and solve their problems, because the search engine may do it for you.

Google is obviously betting on a future driven by artificial intelligence and giving us still unimaginable ways of finding and consuming content. 


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