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Monitoring parameters from analytics it can often provide valuable insights into which segments of the site are functioning well and which need to be improved and repaired. One of the parameters that may carry the most doubts is bounce rate. What exactly does it mean and whether bounce rate affects ranking?


What is the bounce rate?

Bounce rate (homepage abandonment rate) is the percentage of site visits with engagement on only that one page visited. That means Google Analytics actually tracks the number of visitors who come to a site’s page and leave it without looking at any other page or engaging on that page in any meaningful way (or at least what Google considered meaningful engagement). High bounce rate does not necessarily mean that you need to improve the quality of your site. The site should be designed and conceived so as to give a satisfactory answers to user queries, not how to bounce rate was as low as possible.

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Bounce rate a page is not a measure of how much time a user spends on that page. Much of the confusion stems from this difference. You can have a bright, attractive page and tall bounce rate on it because it does not measure the time spent on the site (ie on a specific page). For example, high bounce rate on sale landing page-u is basically inevitable. High bounce rate can certainly be expected i for quality information pages where users can find what they are looking for and then move on. Hence the optimization for the smaller bounce rate does not necessarily mean improving the quality of your site or helping it to become more useful to your visitors.


Does bounce rate affect ranking?

Does it work Google bounce rate your site and whether bounce rate affects ranking? The shortest answer is NO! DOES NOT AFFECT!

John Mueller iz GoogleOn June 12, 2020, he confirmed that Google not used bounce rate as a ranking factor. "I think there’s a bit of misconception here about looking at things like bounce rate in analytics when it comes to site ranking, and that’s definitely not the case."

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And this is certainly a true statement. Bounce rate it is not a direct ranking factor. However, in many cases, it can be an indicator that something is not good on the site, as soon as users do not have further interaction with the content of the site after visiting one page.

Yet, Bounce warIt varies widely in different industries and different sections of the site. According to one study blogs have bounce rate from 70-90%, sites that present certain content about 40-60%, and websites with services only 10-30%. It wouldn't make sense to Google penalizes certain types of sites or pages based on bounce rateif the purpose of the site is not to guide the user through the rest of the site.

In addition, many sites do not use Google analytics, so in their case bounce rate and is not available as information Google-u. Not only are there sites that do not use any type of analytics tools, but also those that use analytics tools are not used by everyone Google analytics. Even with an analyst who Google can follow, it is difficult to fully determine what they actually mean because each situation and site is different.


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