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Social media marketing today it is one of the key aspects in the marketing of any serious business. Social networks have certainly marked the last decade and in many ways influenced society as we know it today. On social networks, we want as much interaction and community involvement as possible. The goal is to bring elements of our personal life into the Feeds and Timelines of other users. 


Is social media becoming less social?

Nick Cicero, vice president of one of the most popular streaming platforms Conviva, perhaps best defined the changes that are becoming more pronounced: "We're at a turning point where it's less about the connections we make with people and more about the content we create." With the increasing dominance of video content, it's less about the social graph and more about the entertainment you create.”

To what extent can all of the above mean that we are in a period of great change when it comes to social networks? Is the original idea of ​​connecting with other users increasingly giving way to the need for good entertainment and quality content? Algorithms are increasingly defining what we see in each app, and in that respect, it's more about straight-up entertainment than keeping up with your friends.


TikTok is (not) a social network

The fact is that any digital platform that is not a website or service application is automatically classified as a social network. TikTok has been declared as a social network from its very beginnings in the community, like Instagram, Facebook and others. But is it really so!?

In the words of Leroyson Figueira, director of a London marketing agency: "We don't want this kind of social interaction on TikTok. We do not want to engage in social activities.

We watch "movies". Hundreds of them, one after the other, and very quickly. We swipe, swipe, swipe. I use the word "movies" on purpose: TikTok is not a social channel. It's a broadcast channel.”

This assertion is confirmed in good faith statement by Blake Chandlee, president of global business solutions at TikTok. "We are not a social network like Facebook, we are an entertainment platform." 


Where is the difference?

Highlighting the difference between TikTok and social media Blake emphasized: "They built (the social network) its algorithms based on the social graph. That is their core competence. We are an entertainment platform. The difference is significant.”

The way TikTok has approached its model is unique, in that it looks more like a media company that distributes content, as opposed to a social communication channel that facilitates interaction between users.

As a result of TikTok's success, other platforms are now looking to follow suit. Instagram offered in response Reels, which is less driven by followers and more driven by what drives overall engagement.


The essence is in the algorithm

Let's go back to another Vice President of Conviva: “The thing with TikTok is the recommendation algorithm. There are so many people on the platform looking for and creating quality video content. The infinite loop makes you scroll further.”

That formula, though, is a big reason why TikTok is considered more of a social network than a "traditional" entertainment platform. Those recommendations provide the same dopamine rush that updates from friends and family on Facebook and Instagram once did. But now they also provide the thrill of discovering something new.


Influencers are a thing of the past, it's time for creators

We could say that the new situation has pushed influencers into the background and put content creators first. Brands are now looking to work with "creators".

Creators are more authentic and closer to the average content consumer. At the same time, the demand for fast content production is high, so it is an ideal situation for brands to pair up with creators who can meet the required speed in creating new quality content.

In this way, being on TikTok means understanding and building an audience, which sounds overwhelmingly similar to what traditional TV shows have been doing for decades.


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Made by Mladen Radosavljevic - Senior Account Manager @Digitizer

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