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One of the questions that sooner or later everyone who has anything to do with online marketing asks themselves is whether they are SEO and social networks connected. We will agree that both segments are an integral part of the strategy and successful performance of every business website-u. Social media marketing it should be one of the most respected allies of SEO.

What exactly is the influence of social networks on the ranking of the site, and will we try to find out in the following text whether it exists at all?

Social networks and SEO - direct impact

The shortest answer to the question of whether social networks affect SEO is no. At least according to what they are official information iz Google-and. 

When this question is asked, we probably have two things in mind:

  • Links in social media posts send ranking signals to the pages they link to.
  • The amount of sharing or engagement with social media posts can be a factor in search rankings.

A long item could have some merit for ranking, although not yet in a "direct" way.

Engaging on social media and SEO

Certainly, good and active accounts on the most popular social networks are an excellent source of qualified traffic on the site, which potentially leads to conversion. The greater the engagement on social media profiles, the stronger the connection that brand builds with his audience. Trust, security and provision solutions to client problems are a sure foundation on which to build relationships with future clients. SEO and social networks in this case they are certainly indirectly connected.

However, search engines are unlikely, especially Google which is unrivaled as the main one in our market, they take engagement on social networks as a direct ranking factor. If that idea once existed, the claim is that it was abandoned for very practical reasons. There is no tea Google does not have enough resources to index the millions of social media posts that are created every day. For that reason, SEO and social networks do not have a completely reliable connection, ie search engines do not take this signal as authentic.

Also, it is difficult for a search engine to reliably assess the authority of a certain post or even a profile from a social network. Signals like engagement have proven to be an unreliable measure of authority. Therefore, it cannot be argued that the popularity of social networks affects the results of organic search engine rankings.

The question then arises as to whether there is any other indirect way that SEO would social networks could be connected?

Probably yes, but for now nothing can be said with certainty.

Links to social networks and SEO

Given that the content on social networks largely consists of links to other sites, a legitimate question arises as to whether these links can affect the ranking of the pages they lead to.

In an official statement Google-and it was confirmed that Google treats links from social networking sites as links from any other site. All social networks, or at least the most popular ones, treat all outgoing connections from the platform as nofollow links. This would mean that the value of these links, at least when it comes to ranking or the signal taken into account, practically does not exist. Or at least not officially. Recent changes in value nofollow links they may raise some questions, but we are still of the opinion that there are not many doubts.

It is unlikely that search engines will give social media links some value when ranking. The reason for that is similar to the previous question, and that is that it is difficult to assess the true identity and authority of profiles from social networks. That is why it is difficult for them to know what value they could give to a certain link.

Search engines are smart enough to know that a link posted by a user is not a link they have approved Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. Therefore, it would not make sense to transfer the authority of that site and post to the destination link.

However, the opinions of SEO experts are divided on this issue. There are those, and there are many of them and they certainly have a great influence and knowledge, who claim that links posted on social networks can be marked as credible backlinks and thus affect the page rank. This question remains unresolved until the end and for now there is no final answer from the SEO community.

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Made by Nebojsa Radovanovic - SEO Expert @Digitizer