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Having a good domain name is no guarantee of success website, but it is certainly important for attracting traffic to the site, as well as general development brenda. If we tell you it is the price of the most expensive domain is almost 50 million dollars, then maybe we can better understand how important a domain name can be. Another question related to this topic is whether the domain extension affects SEO and the position of the site in search.

Does domain extension affect SEO?

In the latest part of the series Ask Googlebot na YouTube-u Google-ov John Mueller answers whether the domain extension affects SEO and some other questions regarding the influence of domain choice on search.

Mueller answers questions related to how .com compare with other domain extensions, gTLD-s opposite ccTLD-ova, www round. non-www domains and more.

Here are all the questions answered in the video.


Are .com domains better?

The first question is one of the most common, especially among people who register a domain for the first time. The person who sent the question also asks if it is acceptable to use one of the newer extensions, such as .space extension.

Mueller fits:

"Sure go ahead. Newer top-level domains (TLDs) are equivalent to other top-level generic domains such as .com when it comes to SEO. Choose something you like, now there are many options. "


WWW or non-WWW domain?

Is it better to use www or non-www domain name version?

Mueller's the answer:

"You can use whatever you want. Google systems do not give an advantage in any case. Sometimes there are technical reasons to go one way or another, but often it's just a matter of your personal preferences. "


Rel = canonical on different types of domains

Is it possible to use rel = canonical link in different TLDs? Such as gTLD-s (generic top-level domains) and ccTLD-s (top-level domains of the country code).

"Yes, you can do this. The rel = canonical link element is not limited to the same domain name. "


Country-specific domain extension 

Can I ccTLDto "work" globally for a website?

"The answer is yes. Although a country code domain name helps our systems geographically target that country, it still provides global visibility.

The only limitation is that you can't specify other countries for geo-targeting. For example, if you have a .fr website for France, you can use it globally. But you wouldn't be able to explicitly target users in Brazil geographically. "


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Source: Searchenginejournal

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