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Clickbait is a title whose sole purpose is to attract attention and lead readers to read the text when it comes to it by clicking on a specific link. Word bait that is, "bait" is associated with fishing, where the hook is covered with bait. 

The title we call clickbait is usually sensationalist and deceptive. Therefore, if you are serious about copywriting, you should not use it.


Everything you need to you know about clickbait

Clickbait is designed to provide enough information to arouse the curiosity of the reader, but of course, not enough to satisfy that curiosity without reading the content with which it is clickbait connected.

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Although there is no universal definition for this term, in Merriam-Webster dictionary clickbait is "something designed to make readers want to click on a link, especially when that link leads to content of questionable value." Vocabulary defines it as "a sensationalist title or piece of text on the Internet designed to encourage people to follow a link to an article on another website."


Is clickbait good or bad for your text?

Using clickbait-and, that is, something that could be called so, before the appearance of the Internet, it was connected to the "yellow press". Even today, when you read the tabloids, you can see striking headlines, where the events that happened are exaggerated, all in order to attract the attention of readers.

There are numerous examples where journalists paid with their "sources" for information, which they then published without checking its veracity. In the United States, this type of journalism is considered unethical, because it often turns celebrities and even politicians into targets of unproven accusations.

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Web browsers have built-in tools to detect and mitigate the problems caused by such sensationalist headlines, while social networks such as Twitter have implemented content filtering algorithms. Facebook also opposes this type of content.

Neil Patel believes yes clickbait he has a bad reputation, but in practice he doesn't have to be bad. "When done right, it's one of the best ways to get people to notice your content."

Andrew Selepak, a professor and director of the social media graduate program at the University of Florida, told Content Marketing Institute da clickbait it doesn't always have to be bad. "Although we often look at clickbait negative because it is associated with fake news and online sellers, if your company has a good product that can really help consumers, bringing people in this way on your website is not such a bad thing. ”

On many blogs, even on our blog, you can see examples of good titles, which attract attention, but are not sensationalistic and deceptive.

There are texts on the Internet that talk about how to use wisely clickbait, but there are also many texts that say why it is bad to use it at all. It is up to you to make the right decision.


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Made by Ana Korolija - Senior Copywriter @Digitizer

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