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Quality designed and built website is one of the best advertisements for business, and certainly a necessity today. A site that is technically well done certainly has a higher chance of being better valued by search engines, in the first place of Google. It implies that it should follow Google's ranking guidelines. Also, Google often responds to certain doubts when it comes to websites. Recently John Mueller from Google gave his opinion on when to use subdomain


When to use subdomain?

Mueller is on Mastodon-u, a growing social network, answered this question. He says he would go with a subdomain instead of a domain when he thinks the content on the subdomain can live on its own outside of the main web address. 

He said: " way of thinking about subdomains is that it depends on what you're trying to do. Is it content that should be tightly linked to the main site? Then put it on the main site. If you want the content to stand on its own, then a subdomain is a good choice.”

However, there is always a technical aspect of the whole story that must be considered when using subdomains. "There's also the technical side effect of subdomains that sometimes makes things a bit more complicated: verification in Search Console, tracking in analytics, DNS, hosting, security, CSPs, etc."

Later in the thread, John added: "To be clear, I think it will affect the ranking of new content, but ultimately it depends on what you want to achieve with it." Sometimes you want something separate, sometimes you want to see something as part of the main site. They are different situations and the results will vary.”

We could say that the answer to the question of when to use a subdomain is when the content you want to publish is somewhat different from the theme of the main site. What Google calls the site diversity system generally treats subdomains as part of the base domain. However, sometimes subdomains are treated as separate locations for diversity purposes when deemed relevant.


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Source: Seroundtable

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