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We should start from the fact that if something works, it should definitely not be changed. This is especially true for logos. People simply believe what they know and that is why if your brand has been on the market for some time, you should carefully consider whether a redesign is needed at all. However, many large companies and organizations have decided to take this step. Why? In this text, we will try to explain when it is time to replace your logo with a new one and how to do it.

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Logo has a big impact on business. For this reason, it would be ideal to create a good solution from the very beginning, so that the logo represents your company in the best possible way for a longer period of time. Companies like Coca-Cola, Nike, Apple Lossless Audio CODEC (ALAC),... have succeeded in doing so. However, it is inevitable that companies, services and products change over time, as well as trends in the world of design, so it goes without saying that the logo should keep pace with the times.


When and how to redesign the logo?

The logo should not be changed if you do not have a good reason for it.

That is why it is difficult to assess when is the right time for change. At first glance, this may seem like a big and risky step, but refreshment and a new "image" can pay off significantly.

The questions to ask when considering this decision are:


Has your business expanded or changed?

If you introduce a new line of products or services by changing the logo, you can draw the consumer's attention to the fact that something "big" is happening with you and that you should definitely pay attention to the new range.

Likewise, a merger with other companies or a significant increase, whether in terms of production capacity or number of employees, may be reason enough to change the logo. You will agree that it is not the same communication with consumers if you have a craft shop or a corporation with dozens or hundreds of employees.


Do you have a new target group?

When you gain the trust of existing customers and somehow complete the whole, maybe it's time to "address" a new group of consumers. Redesigning a logo is one way to connect with a new audience without compromising your business.


Do you have new competition?

When you are already positioning yourself in the market, new "players" with new ideas, their marketing, can attract a certain number of customers. By redesigning the logo, you will show that you follow the trends and, in addition to the existing ones, you will also attract some new clients.


Have your brand goals changed?

How many times have you heard, "Every beginning is difficult." When you were starting out, it’s possible that you set more modest goals in front of you. As your business grows, it is normal for it to grow. When you discover that your company has outgrown what you originally planned, your logo should show that you are ready for a new era in business.


Is your logo out of date?

This may be the question you need to ask yourself first. When was the logo created and is it finally time to change it? It is no longer just a matter of aesthetics and trends, but the design is probably not compatible with the multitude of technological devices that will display it (mobile phones, tablets, etc.). The same goes for choice typography. If you have used any of the then existing styles or fonts, it is very likely that it has been exploited a lot so far and is outdated.

"Know-how ”

If after this you have decided that the redesign of your logo is inevitable, it is important that you know how to do it.

Start with research. Review your current logo and decide which logo elements you will keep and which you want to upgrade or change. See how other companies have redesigned and try to apply that to your case.

As the trend in modern design is stylization, consider how you can simplify and reduce your logo. People like to stick to logos that are easy to remember. Try to emphasize the impressive parts even more. Avoid small details that you may have had in your graphics solution before. Keep clear and unambiguous forms.

If your previous logo was a typographic solution, step away from the existing fonts, correct the distance between the letters, change their shape, make them unique and original.

It would be good but it is not necessary to keep the old colors. Refresh the logo with a more modern shade or gradient.

Just make sure your new logo looks better than the old one. You will probably suffer negative criticism, but it is important to remain consistent in your decision and create the impression that this is exactly what you wanted.

Once you have completed the redesign, the next step is how you want to promote it, that is, how you will inform consumers about the change. Decide whether you will slowly introduce the new logo, segment by segment, or determine the moment at which you will ceremoniously present the new logo. Make a clear strategy for drawing attention to this change and refocusing your products or services.


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Made by Sava Spasic - Senior Graphic Designer @Digitizer

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