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In the world of digital marketing algorithm and its change na social media is always breaking news.

The algorithm is an unknown and a great challenge

Due to the great dependence of brands on social networks as a marketing channel, the algorithm and its slightest change tie the hands of marketers.


Here are some tips on what to do when a social network decides to change the way content is distributed.

Be a turtle, not a rabbit

Often the initial panic caused by the changes and hasty decisions that are made at that moment, can bring more harm than good. Stay calm and carefully analyze the impact of the changes, and only then can you decide on measures to adjust your strategy. These changes will be based on actual results, not rumors.

Study all the factors

The algorithm can affect your success both positively and negatively, but it can also affect many other factors - type and quality of content, quality or key events. The most important thing is to understand what the results of your performance on social networks are and what factors affect its performance.

Be smart

Major changes in the algorithm are an ideal time to test different assumptions. Try some experiments whose failure will not be too harmful for the business, and conclude what works and what doesn't. It would be best if they conducted a separate experiment for each social network individually. This would give you a much deeper understanding of how your content should be customized.

Take advantage of the changes for growth

Adjust. For example, when your organic reach drops, try more actions. That will definitely help a little. To start. Then focus on collaborating with influencers and making a joint happy-a. This will give you more mention and sharing, and will give even better results from the first step. If social networks start forcing video content to the top of the search, start producing more video content. This is certainly a lot of work, but the results will be much better.

Collect, think and change if possible

Through teamwork, come to decisions about what needs to change. Changes can certainly be painful, but they are inevitable. It is critical that in a world of constant change, you have different methods and channels to reach your clients - SEO, social networks, SEM, paid advertising, e-mail, etc. This way yours KPI will not be immediately compromised by changes implemented by any platform.

Analyze constantly

It is necessary to constantly monitor the analytics, even when there are no changes in the algorithm. As we have already pointed out, the most important thing is not to panic. You don't have to rush into changes because it takes time to understand the change in the algorithm. Analytics will definitely be of great help to you in this.

Practice A / B testing

Take into account the main indicators of your performance and how changes in the algorithm affect the desired actions. Occasionally it is necessary to conduct an A / B test, to see which strategy gives better results.

Investigate what you are missing

Once you understand what changes have been made and why, identify the gaps that now exist in your strategy. Once you identify what is missing, adjust your content and strategy accordingly.


Reacting to changes the moment they happen will surely drive you crazy. Continue to meet the needs of your audience in a disciplined and consistent manner. Don’t chase after every new idea. You better focus on thorough research on how to improve the strategies you are currently using.

Distinguish changes

When a social network changes its algorithm, it is inevitable that you will find it harder to see where it is going organically reach, but the essence itself remains the same. An algorithm that changes a favored view content-and will certainly require a change of strategy, but Update which changes what it will consist of engagement is simply accepted as a new normal way of functioning.


Track and respond to the reactions of your audience, not the algorithm. You won’t believe how little an algorithm change can affect your business if you stay focused all the time on what’s burning in your audience. Use and qualitative feedback, and not just quantitative.

Ask yourself why

There is a reason behind every change in the algorithm. Is the reason the migration of the audience from the platform and the attempt to attract it back? Or it may be an overcrowding with marketing content that is stifling the system. Whatever the reason, you should make sure that you are not the reason for such a change and decide what is the right course to continue to attract the audience.

Go the way you go less often

Always think about what will set you apart from others. Whenever a change occurs, everyone starts to apply the same new strategy. In reality, the most successful people on social media are those who think about what they can do differently from others.

Stick to the plan

This is not easy. Again, on the other hand, it is not that difficult. Let's go back to the plan: What is the reason why we were hit in the first place? What does it take (in translation, how much money) to maintain the level of activity needed to achieve our goals? What is the best solution? Then compare these two aspects. Sometimes only subtle changes will be needed, and sometimes a change in the overall strategy.

Become immune to the algorithm

After all, all changes to the algorithm are done to improve the end user experience. Your strategy should be based on constant production of quality and useful content-and. You can't win an algorithm rush game, but you can win a great content creation game.

Take care of the end goal

Creating a strategy that always has a broader picture of what you want to achieve is the key to success. Maintain constant communication with your audience about what they need, and thus avoid juggling social networks.

Don't play

If you think you are going to play an algorithm, you are playing the wrong game.

Give up

No, of course we don't think you should give up your appearance on the Internet. Stop whining about the constant changes of the algorithm on social networks and dedicate yourself to what we have already emphasized. You produce quality content, invest in the optimization of both your site and the content itself, and the results will definitely come in the long run.


If all this seems too complicated and difficult for you an experienced Digitizer team is here to help you design a quality performance and strategy. Call us!

Made by Mladen Radosavljević - Senior Account Manager @Digitizer

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