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Color logo is an integral element of good design. With so much psychology and emotion related to color shades, it can be difficult to choose your own color palette when designing. Specific nuances can evoke different emotions, associations and reactions, which affect the perception of the brand. Simply put, the choice of colors can design or spoil the design. When designing, especially logos, we want to make sure that we order something with selected colors.

What does the color of the logo say?

Although there is an endless choice of logo colors that we can choose, we remind you that it is best to choose three to four colors. This will create the color palette we work with and create customizable designs.


The importance of color in design

People are naturally attracted to certain shades, because colors are very good for eliciting an emotional response, either positive or negative. So how can we use colors to our advantage and ensure that our designs leave the desired impression? In this text, we will explore and examine how to choose the best colors for our logos.

Simply put, color is important in design because it stimulates our brain. We get most of our information through sight. And colors are the element that gives meaning to what (the environment) we see. An example is the traffic light of how colors can dramatically affect our understanding and cooperation with the world around us.


Color psychology

Psychology boja is the study of colors as determinants of human behavior. The psychological impact of color is somewhat subjective, as there are a number of factors that affect how we experience color. Factors such as previous associations, personal preferences, as well as the culture in which we live.

Any color used in the logo will deliver a message. Ideally, the message will reflect the personality and purpose of the brand, and at the same time will address the target audience.

Red logo

This powerful and energetic color is one of the most interesting shades. Red means love, passion and romance, but also danger, fear, blood, war and strength. She is emotionally intense. In design, red is a great choice if you want to show strength or passion.

Blue logo

Blue is reliable and is often associated with wisdom and stability. Also, the blue color with its soothing nature symbolizes peace and loyalty. The negative connotations of blue are that it can cause depression and melancholy.

Green logo

Green is considered more positive than most other colors and represents nature, youth, health, rest and peace. It is also a sign of growth, so dark green represents stability and wealth. The negative connotations for green are that it can represent inexperience, envy and jealousy.

Orange logo

The vibration of the orange color indicates self-confidence, leisure and a new beginning. It has been proven to stimulate appetite, which makes it one of the ideal colors for use in the food industry. Orange is associated with creativity and represents change and movement in general.

Yellow logo

Yellow is a color of high visibility, because it attracts our eyes more than any other color on the spectrum. Yellow is a cheerful, fun, optimistic and uniquely bright color with the potential to lift the mood. Yellow means happiness, positivity, energy, optimism, memory, honor and loyalty. In essence, yellow is a joyful color, and on the other hand, it can represent cowardice and deception.

Purple logo

The purple color seems enigmatic and magical and is associated with luxury, pride and ambition. The main association caused by the color purple is wealth and throughout history it has been associated with ruling families. This color carries a warm and cold mood, depending on which color it is combined with. When it comes to evoking feelings, the color purple can cause both frustration and sadness. 

Pink logo

Pink or pink is associated with love and romance. It is an elegant and positive color and is generally considered feminine. The color pink represents compassion, inner peace, friendship and unconditional love, but it can also represent weakness, immaturity or naivety.

Gold logo

We all know what the color gold is, and that is wealth, prosperity and abundance. Psychologically, the golden color seems optimistic and cheerful. The color is undoubtedly glamorous, associated with good times, celebrations and splendor. However, when used more than necessary, gold can signal excessive materialism, greed and sometimes vulgarity. 

Black logo

Black is the strongest of the neutral colors. Black symbolizes strength, authority, sophistication and creates a sense of elegance and formality. Black is a great partner for almost any color, because it makes other colors more pronounced. Black can increase self-confidence, but it can also evoke feelings of sadness and darkness. 

White logo

White goes well with any color because it emphasizes it. White symbolizes many things, including purity, innocence, peace, light, renewal and fresh ideas. White color also contributes to mental clarity and simplicity, but it can create a feeling of loneliness and isolation. 

Depending on the wishes of clients and their business goals, and often the desire to say something about themselves and the business they run, we choose a color or combination of colors that will best tell what our goal is. Be it brand recognition and prominence or messages focused on specific target groups. The color of the logo will highlight your business and the message you want to promote.

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Made by Vladimir Bojić - Senior Graphic Designer @Digitizer

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