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If you are writing or copywriting, you have probably wondered many times if the text you are writing is good. There are certain formulas that can guide our writing in the right direction, but there is no magic wand. However, there are factors that must be taken into account. 


What is the secret of a good text?

What does it take for a text to be considered good? 


Good title

The first impression is important. Address is the first thing your readers will notice. He tells us what the text is about. Right here, reading the title, we decide whether to read a text or not. So pay special attention to the title.


Write simply and understandably

Write short, clear and understandable sentences. Don't use a lot of technical words and expressions, if there is already a simpler way to explain something. Words are your tool, so choose them carefully.

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Make a boring topic interesting

Yes, we know that this is easier said than done, but you would not believe how interesting a text can be written on a topic that does not sound so interesting to you. Try to invent a character for your text, let him tell his story. Add a little humor, of course, if you have room for something like that. If you are writing about a product, you are writing about a problem that it can solve. Surprise your readers by revealing something they didn't know. Show them how they can solve a minor problem in a creative way. 


Do not write texts that are too long

People don't have time to read texts that are too long, unless they are extremely interested in the topic you are writing about. More important than this is the fact that people do not like to read texts that are too long. Of course, you will have to write a slightly longer text if, for example, you are writing about a product for which you need to provide more details. We are not talking here that a few sentences are better than a standard length of text, but do not allow people to "get lost" reading your text, so that at the end of reading they do not know what the text is about and what the writer wanted says".


Leave readers something to think about

A good text is one that people think about for a while after reading it. If you managed to interest readers to learn more about the topic you wrote about, you managed to write a good text.

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Copywriting should not be a scam, a manipulation and an attempt to convince people of something. What makes a good text is a good story, written with empathy. Show your reader that you understand him, try to put yourself in his place and you will write a good text, no matter what topic you are writing about.


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Made by Ana Korolija - Senior Copywriter @Digitizer

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