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It is known that influence marketing has been present in business promotion for a long time. However, since the algorithm social networks began to attach great importance to video content, the opportunities for great organic reach have extended to those as well brands and social media profiles that don't necessarily have a large following.

This situation has given rise to a new occupation within social networks called content creator or content creator. What does a content creator have to do with influencers and is it the same? Read below.


The difference between an influencer and a content creator

It often happens that these two terms are used as synonyms or are interpreted identically. With whom should businesses cooperate and what is the difference between them?

Let's see what they are the main differences between them and whether businesses can collaborate with influencers or content creators or both.


What do influencers do?

As the name says, influencers have some (influence) influence - they are personalities on social networks who influence their followers to do or buy something based on what these influencers say, do or buy.

These are e.g. fitness Instagrammers who work out while recommending protein shakes and sportswear they love. Then beauty gurus who link each of their eyeshadow palettes to partner codes to get a cut of everything their followers buy. Then fashionistas who post new #ootd (outfit of the day) photos tagging each brand involved.

And many others. Influencers simply share how they live their lives, promoting the products and services they use along the way.


What do content creators do?

Very simply put, they create content. Their job description is in their title. They create videos, photos, graphics, informative texts, blogs and the like and post them on different channels like Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, their personal website, etc.

They focus on creating content that is interesting to followers and that followers respond to. They give daily or weekly tips and instructions, post tutorials and explanations about the topics they cover, make interesting videos and the like.

Their content is professional and quality because creating that content is the sole purpose of digital creators. Because of this, they tend to attract a very engaged audience, even if it's not that big. 


Influencers vs content creators

Content creators can influence their audience, and influencers can also be content creators (they can create content). Although they may appear to be quite similar or even identical, the main difference is the intention behind their work. 

However, influencers they work with the intention of persuading their followers to buy a particular brand, product, service, etc., usually because they get a percentage of each sale or a discount on what they offer. Also, influencers can charge a fee per post, based on the size of their followers.

Content creators they work with the intention of creating engaging content that educates and informs their audience. They have the power to build a large following and usually talk less about themselves and more about the information they share.

In your marketing strategy, you can choose to work with one type of creator or with both — but you should know that each will produce different results.

Working with an influencer will result in photos and videos showing the product or service in their everyday life. An influencer is paid a fee based on their "rate", the size of their audience, the reach of their post, and the volume (amount) of promotion they do.

Working with a content creator implies creating interesting content that has to do with the brand's products or services. This can be a blog post, an interesting video, a podcast episode, and the like. Content creators probably have their own way of charging, whether they charge per text written, video material created, per hour or per project.


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Made by Mladen Radosavljevic - Senior Account Manager @Digitizer




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