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Isn't the eternal dilemma of every trader what is the one that most influences the decision of customers and their behavior? Would you like to be able to "peek into your head" target audience and find out what it is that makes them buy a particular product? Quality, price, good advertising, branding or something else? The answers to this as well as many other questions could give you neuromarketing.


Why is neuromarketing important?

Neuromarketing studies human behavior in decision making and measures how people react to products and advertisements. Instead of asking for an opinion on something, neuromarketing can give you answers by following the body's response. Do you think that the use of certain music, color combinations in advertisements or shopping malls is a coincidence? 

illustration of a human head surrounded by impulse symbols in which the face is half visible and the brain and nerves are drawn in half

The information provided by neuromarketing can be very important, because it gives an idea of ​​which products should be placed on the market and how to successfully advertise them. This information is collected through case studies using various tests. This is an important segment to understand, because the audience will react more to the advertising materials than they will respond to them. So, if we understand what most people have in common in the target audience and what are the things that most often move people, as well as what their needs are, we can write copy-is or we make advertisements designed in such a way that on a subconscious level they lead people to react in the desired way.

Successful branding is increasingly defined by engaging customer value and emotional connection. Insights into neuromarketing will become increasingly valuable for over 80% of companies that plan to base their advertising and sales strategies based on user experience.


Awareness of the importance of neuromarketing

The importance of this segment is certainly evidenced by the large gap in experience, where 86% of companies believe they provide great user experiences, while only 8% of customers feel that way.

Creating a realistic understanding of customer perception and behavior will drive innovations that can significantly contribute to improving the user experience, and thus increasing the conversion rate. It is easy to see why neuromarketing is predicted to become an increasingly important factor in marketing campaigns.

a drawing with emoticons on which a hand tickles a smiley face

Most of the decisions we make on a daily basis are based on what we believe in, and most of those beliefs are based on things we learned before we were 10 years old. Most of these decisions are not based on facts, but are based on what we subconsciously believe about something. We react to the answer.


How does neuromarketing work?

Neuromarketing methods are drawn from current research into user experience and biometric measurement technologies used to collect data through: eye monitoring, facial expression monitoring, electrodermal activity, pulse, and respiratory rhythm to study physiological responses to stimuli. The contribution of technologies such as electroencephalography (EEG), magnetic resonance (fMRI) i magnetoencephalography (MEG) enabled the monitoring of neuronal responses.

Deeper understanding and empathy for your customers will allow you to more accurately predict their behavior and provide the best possible user experience. Neuromarketing is more than creating likeable ads. Insights gained about human behavior can be applied throughout your organization, from achieving managerial compliance to stronger mutual communication and collaboration, all the way to improving the experience of employees and customers.

But let's go back to what we are most interested in at the moment, and that is sales. It is known that people make decisions in a relatively short period of time, and we have already mentioned that these decisions are very often conditioned by the unconscious part of the human psyche. The role of neuromarketing is precisely to see how to stimulate these parts of the human brain.

The screen of the phone to which the finger is pointed and from which the symbols of communication via the Internet come out

Neuromarketing is still underrepresented because it is a rather demanding and expensive resource available mainly to large companies with huge budgets. However, some general things and conclusions that have been reached in previous years can all be used in designing our strategies and campaigns.

In reality, people make decisions based on feelings, usually on an unconscious level, which means that we often cannot articulate why we make the decisions we make. Understanding positive or negative reactions to sensory stimuli such as colors, sounds, and others can help retailers and designers adjust product design and messaging to more effectively influence and emotionally stimulate customers.

The potential of neuromarketing to further advance the digital transformation of business is enormous. With an even deeper understanding of the needs, desires, intentions and behaviors of your customers integrated into your already robust buyer person-e, the advantage that neuromarketing provides is a new dimension of customer insight.


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