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Google Tag Manager is one of the free Google tools, about which we wrote in one about ours previous blogs. If you want to apply tags (code snippets, tracking pixels) to your website or application, Google Tag Manager is the right choice.


How do I access Google Tag Manager?

As for the others Google the products and tools you need gmail account through which you will access the platform. Google Tag Manager-u is accessed by road Google Marketing platforms. When logging in, select yours gmail account.


Creating a GTM account

When you access the GTM platform, in the upper right corner there is a field ''Create Account''. Click on it and fill in all the blanks.

screenshot from the google tag manager

After filling in the new fields, GTM will show you the main page of the platform. You need to install the GTM code, via additional plugins or manually.

What is important to differentiate is that there are 3 essential components to look out for. Those are: Tags, Triggers and Variables.


GTM components

Tags or a label represents the code that sends data to a system, say Google analysts. This code or code snippet is executed on a page or in a mobile application. Tags can be used for various purposes, but in most cases they are used to track whether someone has performed an "action" on our site. These can be filling out contact forms, clicks on sending emails, clicks on the phone number on the site, etc. Tags are activated via Trigger (triggers).

screenshot from the google tag manager

Triggers or triggers track certain events on the site, such as clicks, forms, or page loads. When an event is detected on a site that matches your trigger setting, all tags associated with that trigger are activated.

Variables or variables are part of the code used to represent the values ​​to be changed. For variables in triggers, these can be filters when some tag should be activated.

For example. Triggers the trigger ''Page view'' when the URL is variable


Creating tags

To create tag, you need to select the option on the left '' Tags '', then click the button '' New ''. In the new window in Tag Configuration choose the type you want. If you want to follow from the site and Google analytics events, select in the '' optionsGoogle Analytics: Universal Analytics''.

screenshot from the google tag manager

You now select the type of bookmarks you want to track and adjust the options.

In this text, we explain the options for setting up tracking of clicks on the phone number on your site.

screenshot from the google tag manager

In the new screen, in ''Track Type"We choose to follow the event, that is. Events. The category of our event is ''Phone Calls'' and the action is '' Clicks ''. We will add and label ''Phone Clicks''. Of the other options it is important that in the field Google Analytics Settings enter yours Google analytics. After configuration tag, it remains for us to set the trigger for this tag.

screenshot from the google tag manager

The trigger is in this case Click - Just links. It is necessary to set the options as in the picture. The important point here is that we do not want the trigger to be activated on all link clicks, but only on those that contain "tel:" in the URL. This is the usual url that every click on the phone contains. If you have several phone numbers on the site, and you only want to follow one, enter that number after tel: + 3816 …… 



After adjusting the shutter button, click the button '' Save '' and a new tag will be displayed on the platform. To test whether it works, you need to click on the button Submit and then Preview in the upper right corner.

screenshot from the google tag manager

Enter the domain of the site where you installed Google Tag Manager code and try to click on the phone numbers. After that, return to the second window Tag Assistant. There you will be shown the test results, whether and which ones tagovi activated.


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Made by Nemanja Nedeljkovic - Senior Account Manager @Digitizer

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