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Google constantly introduces innovations on its platforms. In addition to the standard text Google Search ads disappear, at the end of last year another novelty arrived - Performance Max campaign type.

After great results in the Beta phase, Performance Max campaigns are available to everyone.


What is a Performance Max campaign?

Performance Max is a new type of campaign that allows you to access all types Google Ads campaign at once. This campaign is designed to complement the standard Google Search keyword-based campaigns with access to all Google channels such as Google Display, Youtube, Gmail, Maps.

Automated campaign

The main difference between Performance Max and others Google Ads the campaign is what Google automates the targeting and delivery of ads based on the information you provide. This is an automated type of campaign that resembles Smart campaigns. Too, Google automatically creates ads, based on the means provided (text, images), similar to code Responsive Display ads.


Campaign settings

Similar to other species Google Ads campaign, you first set your daily budget and bidding method. You have 2 options - Max Conversions (CPA, cost per acquisition) of the Conversion Value (Target ROAS, return on Ad spend).

In the next step, you choose the location and language of the user and get to the part for creating ads.

On the left side of the screen are options to add:

  • Image (up to 15)
  • Logo (up to 5)
  • Videos (up to 5 videos)
  • Titles, up to 30 letters (up to 5 titles)
  • Longer titles, up to 90 letters (up to 5 longer titles)
  • Descriptions
    • 1 short description, up to 60 letters
    • 4 longer opists, up to 90 letters
  • A kind request (select one of the phrases offered)
  • Name of the company

After adding the listed options, there is a display of your ads on the right side of the screen. You can see what it will look like on YouTube-u, gmail-u, Google Search, Display i Discover platforms.

Performance Max offers the ability to reach more people at all Google channels. 

Whether it is better or not than other types Google campaign?

There is no answer to this question, the only way to find out is through tests and comparisons with other types Google Ads campaign.


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Made by Nemanja Nedeljković– Senior Account Manager @Digitizer

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