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Facebook Instant Experience (Facebook Canvas) is a full screen view after someone clicks on yours Facebook post to a mobile device. It is fully optimized for mobile devices and is designed to attract attention. It can also be presented as ''mini website''.

Some of the elements you can use in Facebook Instant Experience- there are videos and photos, carousel with images that you can edit by merging, then tilt to pan an image that you can rotate by tilting the phone as well button at the end which is actually a CTA button.


How to make a Facebook Instant Experience?

Facebook Instant ExperienceYou cannot create and publish from your phone, as is the case with other posts like Photo, Video, Hyperlink. To enter the creation settings Facebook Instant Experience-a, within yours Facebook pages, go to Tab ''Publishing Tools'' and at the bottom you will find a mark for Facebook Instant Experience.

You add items by clicking on the '' buttonAdd Components''. How you add different elements and build your own Instant Experience, on the right you can see what it will look like when someone opens it Facebook-in or Instagram-u.

Types of elements

There are several different elements that have different properties and that you can enter in any order (instead of Header elements located at the top, fixed).

Header is an image that is fixed at the top Instant Experience-and unlike other elements you can only have one Header element in your Instant Experience-u. If you do not have an image or logo, you can use plain text in the header.

The image has several options, for example you can click on the image on the assigned link. When uploadYou can choose whether the image will be Fit to Width (this is an option where a link can be assigned) and Fit to Height (Here you can rotate the image by tilting the phone to the left or right).

The video must be under 2 minutes in .mp3 or .mov format. Similar to the image code, you can choose Fit to Width or Fit to Height option, except that it is not possible to assign a link here.

Button contains the assigned link and can lead to your website, App store or another Instant Experience. Button you can edit (selection, font size and color, style button-a, background color). You can also fix the button to the bottom of yours Instant Experience-and.

Carousel is a series of picture cards. You can add a maximum of 10 and a minimum of 2 images, and each image can have a separate link assigned.


Does it really work?

The main question that arises is: "Do users really watch?" Instant Experience and does it bring results?

Facebook Instant Experience there is almost no loading time, it opens immediately and is even 15 times faster than the standard one website the page you open from the phone. It attracts the audience in an attractive, interesting and unusual way, because it is not used by a large number of companies due to the complexity of the production process itself. Facebook Instant Experience-and.


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Made by Nemanja Nedeljković – Senior Account Manager @Digitizer