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You’ve probably already wondered how some interesting animated post on social networks to draw attention? Or maybe you want to do video explainer who in a sympathetic way represents your company, one of the services or the product? Maybe it is Doodle the right solution for you.

You've probably seen animations in which the hand draws pictures or prints text on the screen, and in the background you have voice over or music. Animations like this have become popular in the last few years because they are attractive, precise and pleasant to watch. The slightly older generation may remember the cartoon. "The line”. What can also be very important for this program is to learn quickly and easily.


How is Doodly used?

After installation when you start Doodle as with most graphics programs, you are offered options to start creating a new video. "Create a new video”Or continue working on one of the previous projects by clicking on shortcut at the top of the screen or by clicking on the icon Open within the tab Projects. You can then rename the selected video by selecting one of the other icons (Rename), duplicate (Duplicate) or delete (Delete). 

Next to the tab Projects there is also a tab templates where you can select some of the already existing videos and with certain modifications adjust the video to your needs.

screen image of a dashboard from Doodley

So once you decide to start creating a new video (Create a new video) a new one will open for you Popup window where you have the following options:

  • Choose one of the backgrounds. It should be noted that this can change during the process of creating scenes.
  1. Whiteboard - White board.
  2. chalk board - School board (written in chalk). Here you also have the option to choose black or green.
  3. Glassboard - Glass boards. The hand that prints comes from the other side, so the effect is created as if the content is being printed on the shop window.
  4. Custom- You can upload-patch any image on which you want the content to be drawn.
  • Give the file a name
  • Select the desired resolution or dimension 


(1920 x 1080 is the standard screen size)

Once you have set everything up click on Create button and you can start.

screen image from Doodly dashboard

When we start, the desktop should be viewed as 4 windows or 4 basic units:


  1. Left - Category. Components that we will put into sight (scenes, characters, images, text, sound)
  2. Environment - Show preview. A window in which images from Categories are inserted and scenes are created
  3. Right - Actions, Scene, Tools and Layers. Settings for each scene
  4. Bottom - Timeline. A window where you can add and delete scenes, adjust them time duration and synchronize them with the sound or magnify certain ones parts of the scene.


This window, or the whole, contains all the components that you can insert into the video. In the upper black part, all components are sorted by scenes (Scenes), characters (Characters), props (props), fonts (text), Sounds (Sounds) of the Marketplace where you can buy additional components. 

What's even more interesting is that by clicking on the blue circle with the white + sign in the lower right corner, you can upload additional images that are not offered. It is important to know that it is only possible to upload a png image format whose dimensions do not exceed 1920 x 1080 px.

Just below the black section is a search bar. You should know that here you can only search the whole or the "directory" in which you are located. Below that, there is also the Doodly Rainbow option, with which you can add color to the offered components, but it is also charged extra.

When you find a category that suits you with a simple drug and drop, drag it to Show Preview.

Show Preview

When you insert a category respectively Asset which suits you or by clicking on another, you will notice that it is framed by a dashed line and above it are icons with which you can further manipulate your object.

As an option Settings you can adjust the position and size of the object, rotation at a certain angle, color, intensity, duration of drawing or erasing if necessary, and the sound that will accompany it.

Flip is the horizontal rotation of the image as in a mirror.

Bring forward or Send backward are options for plans, ie placing objects through layers so that you can determine which will go forward or stay behind. And of course an option Delete

To delete the selected assembly.

If you additionally uploaded the image or did not use any of the existing ones, you will also have the edit option with the help of which it is possible to adjust how the image will be drawn and in how many strokes.

Actions, Scene, Tools and Layers

Within this window, all important functions related to a specific scene, but also to the complete video, are set. For example, in the frame Stocks you can record (Save), view (Preview) or export (Export) your complete project or video.

Tools is used to enlarge or reduce the frame so that you can work more precisely on the details in the section Layers adjust the layout of objects and the length of the plot (Duration) or the length of the break (Delay) between drawing objects or Asset.

Click on Scene Settings a new window opens in which you can adjust everything related to the scene that is currently open to you. From the background over the hand that will print the content to the transition between scenes. Optional Extra time at the end it is possible to adjust how much the scene will cost after the drawing is completed.


This window is used to adjust the entire video, more precisely to combine all the components into one whole and synchronize them with each other.

There are 4 "lines" that need to be synchronized with each other:

  1. Panning and Zooming - Zoom and pan within the scene
  2. Scenes - Add and subtract scenes
  3. Music - Add music
  4. Voice over - Adding a voice or Voice authentication


To conclude. Doodle is easy to learn primarily because it has a logical flow, more precisely the learning of one function is logically connected to another, so you can discover a lot of things yourself and upgrade later.

Of course, the basic problem with such simple programs is that there are not many automated actions, so most things need to be adjusted manually, which requires much more time in the process of work.

The tool is quite useful and we definitely recommend it to you, especially because it is affordable.


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Made by Sava Spasic - Senior Graphic Designer @Digitizer

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