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The first impression is important. Landing page je website the page that the person "lands" after clicking on email address, advertisement or through some other communication channel. If a customer doesn't like what they see right away, they probably won't spend much time on your site and getting to know your business. That's why anyone who is serious about digital marketing knows that the most important step when you bring visitors to the site is to translate them into potential customers.

What is a landing page?

For this reason, a lot of time, money and resources are devoted to this issue. But what is the best way to do this? No doubt it's good landing page!


Landing page je website a page that allows you to collect information about site visitors. Good landing page is designed to target a specific audience, which allows them to get acquainted with your offer and content and in an enticing way tries to translate them into the next phase of the advertising funnel. You can, for example, offer them some useful free content and thus turn a higher percentage of visitors into potential customers, while getting the necessary information about them.


Make the choice easier

Once they find themselves on yours landing page-u, users should be encouraged to take action, such as logging in to yours email list or purchase your products. If the user takes specific desired actions, then it is yours landing page successful.

Kada you design a site One of the first things that comes to mind is to provide as much information as possible. Everyone wants to be sure they are potential customers can find what they are looking for, and for that reason they try to enter as much information as possible on the site. While this is not necessarily detrimental to the site, it can be detrimental to landing page.

Landing page it usually encourages users to take only one action or action. Why?

This is because of a phenomenon called the "choice paradox." Simply put, it means that the more options you give people, the harder it is for them to make a decision and act. Theories of the choice paradox tell us yes there is a point where providing too many options makes it difficult to make a decision and then it is very possible that consumers do not make any decision at all. Landing page is therefore very important because it limits the number of decisions a visitor can make, allowing you to lead them to the outcome you want.


Clear and loud

Landing page differ from other pages on the site, because it focuses on specific, short-term goals, in order to obtain the desired results. In addition to increasing conversions, improvements paid advertising campaigns and providing new insights into the target audience, landing page it can also increase your credibility. Users usually appreciate clear, simple messages that explain the value of what you offer.

Well planned landing page shows your customers that you have their interest in mind. This is also where you can insert reviews about your product or service, which are an element social proof-and. It has been proven that social proof increases conversion. That is why it is very important that you pay special attention to this segment of your strategy.

Quality landing page-you strengthen your own brand. This is reflected through consistency in appearance, tone, and style copy-ju site. Having a clear and strong brand has several advantages. When your customers don't convert right away, a strong brand identity can help them remember you in the future. This means that after a while they can decide for you or even recommend you to a friend.


What else does the landing page bring?

Too many companies send their potential customers from the internet to their homepages. A much larger number leadYou will keep these and make them even more interested by simply sending them to the targets landing page-s. These pages provide a very easy way to generate leads that you can easily segment and pass on through the sales funnel.

Each time a potential customer makes a conversion via landing page-a, you collect valuable information about them. With this information, you can create profiles of users who are more likely to convert, so you'll have a basic picture of potential customers before they appear.

Creating landing page you are creating another valuable source of data for your marketing strategy. By tracking and analyzing metrics related to yours landing pageYou can gain a lot of insight into your marketing efforts, which can help you optimize and improve your marketing.


What are the basic elements of a lading page?

Let's look at the basic elements that every good landing page should contain.

Address is the first thing visitors are likely to see when they come to Landing page. A good headline summarizes the offer as clearly as possible and answers the question: What will visitors get with this conversion? Good copy The text should explain the value of the offer clearly, simply and in a convincing way. No long text, short and concise. Key words, as for any other part of the site, should be used on this page, in the title, header-it also has text, in order to be better optimized for search engines.

Landing page which contains a relevant image gives visitors a tangible idea of ​​what they will get and makes it visually much more appealing.Links to share on social networks allow visitors to easily share the page with their friends, thus expanding the reach of your page. And perhaps the most sensitive part landing page-a is a form for leaving data. It should be clear and easy to use and require only the necessary information.


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