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If you had the slightest touch with digital marketing then you've probably heard of the term buyer person. You could say that this has already become a technical term when it comes to digital. It is very frequent in use and somewhere it is assumed that everyone understands its meaning. But is that really so?

In our text, we will try to explain this term to you as well as why it is so important for any well-planned campaign and strategy?


What is a buyer persona?

In short buyer person is a profile that we create based on research, and which sketches the target customer. This profile describes what an ideal customer looks like. What are his needs that you have to satisfy, habits when searching the Internet, most often the time he is on the Internet, how does he make the decision to buy something? These are just some of the key questions that buyer person can give us an answer.

Buyer person helps businesses better understand and feel their customers. This makes it easier to attract customers, but also to meet their needs.


Why is the buyer persona important?

Buyer person helps ensure that all activities involved in attracting and serving your customers are tailored to the needs of the target audience. This may sound easy, but it's not that simple.

If you really pay attention to the way a good portion of companies present themselves to the public, you will begin to see that most focus on what they do, not what customers need. But this approach is drastically the opposite of the way people make decisions.

When choosing a product or service, people naturally gravitate to companies they know and trust. And the best way to build trust is to show sincere understanding and care for the other person - in this case your customers.

That's why you need to show your potential customers yes you solve their needs or problems. Only then will they be open to exploring what you have to offer. Just creating and using buyer person-e can help you better understand the needs of your clients.


How to create a buyer persona?

Creating a buyer person-e should contain a combination of internal and external research. Some businesses will have to create more buyer person to cover the different types of clients they come in contact with.

The first thing you should do when creating person-e customer is to do research on your existing customers (assuming you have them). These are people who have actually already bought from you, so they represent the target audience in a good way.

In most cases, you will need to take a survey to get all the information you need. For starters, it's best to create a list of questions that you can use to create buyer person. This list can contain demographic data, questions about private and professional life, questions about goals, challenges and problems they need to solve, as well as online behavior habits… The range of issues that can be included is huge, and the more the more buyer person becomes more useful.

You can find help on the Internet in the form of numerous already prepared templates for creation buyer person. On the other hand, it may be a better way, although it requires more effort and time, to create your own person-which will best serve your business.

After conducting the research, you will be ready to create your first one buyer person-u. Once you create it, you are constantly working on improving it through communication with clients. This is not a static process and requires constant engagement and updating.


How to use a buyer persona?

As SEO becomes more and more an optimization of the user experience, the need for by creating content based buyer person-e (or target audiences) is vital to help generate leads. Identifying and understanding customers is the first step towards creating valuable content for your visitors. Buyer person is of great importance here.

Studies show that personalized content brings 18 times higher earnings of standard content. If you want the ideal customer to find your business in today's oversaturated market, develop well buyer person-and using this data to write great content can be very helpful.

Of course this is just one small segment of what it provides. It can help determine the style and tone in which you address your target audience, what your strategy will be. social networks and much more. If you can’t connect with your target audience in a relevant and meaningful way, you will lose their trust and interest. And once you've lost someone's trust and interest, it's pretty hard to regain it.

Understanding the types of people who benefit from your solutions and the ways you help them solved a problem it is crucial to your efforts to attract and retain customers.


We have prepared many more interesting and educational texts for you, post our blog and find answers to your questions.

Made by Nebojsa Radovanovic - SEO Expert @Digitizer

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