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Regular monitoring of analysts, measurement of results and comparison with the previous period is of great importance for improving the work on Instagram and the growth of profiles in terms of followers, but also other important parameters that we will mention in today's text.


Instagram analytics - an overview of all options

Before each review of the analytics, it is important to set for which time period we are looking at the analytics. It took several years for Instagram to introduce the ability to choose a time range for analytics review. Previously, it was possible to view the results for only the last 7 days. Now there are several options: the last 7, 14, 30, 90 days or for the entire previous month.

screenshot from instagram analytics

Insights Overview - A basic overview of analytics

The basic overview of the analytics shows what the reach was for the set time period, how many orders interacted in that period, as well as the total number of followers. Each option opens a broader overview of analytics.

screenshot from instagram analytics

Accounts reached - doseg 

The basic parameter in this section is the number of accounts that the profile has reached, via all posts. In addition, the following information is available:

  • reach by cities in%
  • reach by countries in%
  • reach by years in%
  • reach by gender in%

In addition to this, there is a parameter of the total reach-a, divided into profile followers and those who do not follow the profile, and to which the posts have reached.

screenshot from instagram analytics

Further options provide the ability to view the best posts and stories, according to reach but also various other parameters such as: shares, likes, impressions, comments, you know itd.

Within accounts reached section is located and Impressions, that is, the total number of displays of all posts on the screens.

Below this option is profile activity information:


  • profile visit
  • clicks on the site
  • email clicks
  • clicks on the address
  • calls
screenshot from instagram analytics

Accounts engaged - the number of accounts that interacted

Within this parameter, there is also a division by cities, states, years and gender. Then review the interactions that came from the follower and those who did not follow the profile.

Within this parameter, it is important to distinguish between Account engaged i content interactions. 

  • Account engaged represents the total number of accounts that have made at least one interaction.
  • Content interactions represents the total number of interactions (total number of post, story, reels and video interactions). One account can make more interactions, so that number is always greater than Account engaged parameter.


Total followers 

Total number of followers with growth overview for the marked period. Below are the following sections:

  • a section showing companion locations by city or state
  • section showing the age range of the companion, by gender
  • Section showing companion activity during the day or by days, for the next 7 days. It can be useful due to the time of posting.


In addition to knowing all the parameters and possibilities offered by Instagram analytics, it is important to know how to improve them and what steps to take to get better results, which we will write about in one of the following texts.


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Made by Mladen Radosavljevic - Senior Account Manager @Digitizer

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