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WordPress plugin-s (accessories) are an important part WordPress ecosystems and are necessary for making functional WordPress sites using this platform. In our text, we will explain what they are WordPress pluginand how do they work?

WordPress pluginthese allow you to add new features and functionality to your WordPress website. They work in a similar way as applications for smart phone. There are currently more than 50.000 freebies Pluginavailable at the following address: plugin directory. Several thousand more are available with third-party third party sites like Github-a. In addition, there are thousands of premiums WordPress Plugin-s sold by developers and companies involved in their development.

What is a WordPress plugin?

Plugin is a piece of software that contains a group of functions that can be added to WordPress website. They can extend the functionality and add new features to each site created in WordPress-u. WordPress pluginthese are written in the PHP programming language and are very easy to integrate with WordPress. This allows it to be fixed websites-site for every purpose. They just are Plugin-they did WordPress the most popular platform for website development. This is also indicated by the popular saying in WordPress communities: “There is a reason for that Plugin".

No matter what purpose you want the site to serve, WordPress it can make it possible. If the function is not available by default WordPress the theme used, then for sure there is Plugin.

There are various Plugin- these in WordPressin to improve SEO, improving site performance, adding contact forms, share button-and for social networks, creating galleries and much more.

How do plugins work?

WordPress is written in such a way that all developers can add their own code to it. WordPress Plugin API offers a range of options for modifying existing ones WordPress functionality or adding some new functionality.

Every WordPress plugin installed on the site is registered in your WordPress database. You can activate and deactivate it at any time. WordPress the database can be managed via phpMyAdmin file, which is accessed via cPanel-and. Plugin-s allow users to store different types of content in a database.

During each visit, the site connects to the database, loads the basic software, and then loads your active Plugin-s. All this code is processed on your server and then sent to the user's browser.

How to find and install WordPress plugin?

Free WordPress You can find add-ons by visiting  plugin directory or you can find them directly from the admin panel in WordPress-u.

Just enter a name Plugin-and you are looking for and WordPress will search the directory Pluginand display available in the list. When you review the results and select the one you want Plugin click the button Set it now near Pluginthat you want to install.

Of course this option is best when you already know which one Plugin you want to install. However, beginners can often find it difficult to opt for the right supplement. One solution is to research the recommendations on a particular Plugin-u, as well as to check the number of previous installations. Definitely quality PluginThey also have a large number of installations.

There are conflicting opinions about the use of large numbers Pluginon the site and their detrimental impact on site performance and SEO. However, we are of the opinion that there is no such thing as too many installed Plugin-s, there are only badly coded Plugin-s that can harm the site.

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