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Another way to promote brand is to spread information by sending newsletters via e-mail. The advantage of this format is that you don't send dry text, but that you use designed content to attract the attention of potential customers, as well as to strengthen the trust of existing consumers or users.


Newsletters and how to create them?

What are the advantages of such a campaign, and how will you make it more attractive to consumers, we will try to explain in the following text.

In order to start with this type of campaign, you first need to familiarize yourself with the entire process and all the key steps and elements.


Set clear goals

As with any other campaign, in order to create a plan and content for your newsletters, it is necessary to define what you want to achieve. Whether you want to share information about new products and technologies, increase the number of visits to your website, or bring in new and strengthen the relationship with existing customers, it is necessary to align content with goals.

In this step, it is very important that you define the audience you want to address, that is, that your primary goal is not the largest number of addresses, but the largest number of users who will be interested in your e-mail.

Create an e-mail database

In accordance with the previous step, one of the basic rules for such drips is that you do not send spam and that users must agree to receive your e-mail by voluntarily signing up (subscribing) for your newsletters.

You will most easily attract users to sign up for your newsletter by creating opt-ins in slides, pop-ups or other easily visible elements on your website that will lead to the sign-up form with one click.

On the other hand, share the registration invitation on social networks. If people follow you on Facebook or Instagram, chances are they'll be interested in your newsletter too, so when you post content on your pages social networks, post a link to the application form.

And the third way you can increase your e-mail base is to post a link to subscribe to the newsletter e-mail list at the end of each blog text. If the text has kept them interested until the end, chances are they will want to read more.

Within this step, it is very important that you follow the rules for sending the newsletter. Which means always clearly indicating your e-mail address and offering users an easy way to unsubscribe from your e-mail list. Also, it is important that the application process is not automated.

Plan the content

The next step in creating a newsletter is that your e-mail is not strictly advertising, but that you include content that also concerns the brand, but that it is additionally interesting for users.

So, for example, you can include how-to tips, a blog, expert advice, testimonials, video material, or scheduled events such as trade shows, promotions, and the like.



Once you've gone through all the steps involved in planning a newslatter strategy, it's time for design. And if the content should be more important than the form, it is also important that your e-mail looks attractive at first glance, what modern vocabulary says, to be catchy.

It is recommended not to spend time designing each newsletter individually, but to create a template that you can easily adapt to the content. You can create multiple templates if you have multiple themes, but make sure they match each other in terms of style, fonts and colors. Even if you are unable to hire professionals, you can find pre-designed templates online.

The most important thing for a template is that it is simple and that you can easily implement text, images and other material into it. Keep in mind that the format and design should be adapted to mobile phones, because this is exactly how most users will read your e-mail or newsletter.

The dimensions, of course, can be different, but if you are not sure, it is best that the width of the format is 600px with a 30px margin on both sides. The length is adjusted to the content.

However, the essence of newsletter design is that users like to quickly and easily go over the text so that they do not spend too much time reading without getting all the necessary and useful information. Adapt the design to the readers, don't expect the readers to adapt to the design.

It should play a key role in the design good selection of photos. Use photos and images that follow the text but also attract the attention of users, and at the same time represent the brand in the best way. Use compressed images that are not too heavy so that the e-mail opens quickly.

At the end, you should add details that will enrich the design of your newsletter and at the same time direct users to further steps. So we return to the beginning and the story about the goals of the newsletter campaign, so perhaps one of the indispensable elements is the CAT (call to action) that directs users to visit the site, social networks or purchase a product. The CAT should clearly stand out from the rest of the text and be easy to see.

Just as you can promote a newsletter through social networks, you can also promote social networks through a newsletter. Adding links, i.e. icons, in addition to a more attractive design, also encourages brand awareness (brand awareness).

Finally, although we assume that you are anxious to release the newsletter as soon as possible in order to bring results, the advice is to review the e-mail a few more times and test it with your colleagues. Check for typographical and grammatical errors as well as functionality and readability. Check how your e-mail will be displayed on a mobile phone as well as in different browsers.

A few days after you send the e-mail, check the analytics such as delivery rate (how many e-mails arrived at the address), open rate (how many were opened), number of clicks within the e-mail, spam report and other information that can help you how to improve future newsletter e-mails.


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Made by Sava Spasic - Senior Graphic Designer @Digitizer

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