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Nowadays, people are overwhelmed with information, so it becomes difficult to find one that can actually be useful to us. This certainly applies to the internet as well. What's more, it is perhaps the most pronounced here. 


This "crowd" makes the job of advertising quite difficult.

Everyone is competing fiercely for more consumer attention. The primary thing that every retailer should know is that today's consumers care little about traditional marketing messages, and 98% of users do not trust ordinary advertisements and promotions.

Video triggers emotions

So, those who still promote their offer exclusively in the traditional way of advertising risk being coldly received by the audience, and such promotional campaigns are mostly ignored. What, then, is the best possible way to attract the attention of consumers today? Marketing experts point to video marketing that can influence the emotions of viewers.


Once the viewer sees your video, they will start seeing you everywhere. This phenomenon is known as the Bader Meinhof effect - and if used strategically, can lead to great success of your marketing efforts.


Have you ever seen an advertisement for something, for example, sneakers, which did not necessarily stand out? You don't think much about them, but suddenly, you start to see the same sneakers everywhere. It is a phenomenon that happens once you see something, and then it seems to you that you have become surrounded by that product wherever you turn. In commercials, in conversation, on the street, wherever you look. Or are you crazy, or maybe this pair of sneakers really found itself all around you in the blink of an eye?

There are actually two things happening. First, our natural selective attention is triggered without us being aware of it, which is why we remember the commercial we saw. Secondly, we get a biased impression which confirms our opinion that everyone now wears these sneakers.


In marketing, you can use this psychological trick to guide the consumer. Show them a video on your site, then show them a banner ad on another site, and finally show them an ad on social media. 


Our brain can process images 60.000 times faster than text. Sounds amazing, doesn't it?

Primate video format

Although these statistics have yet to be proven, they justify something we so deeply believe to be true - that visual materials are more powerful and effective than any other form of communication. Research has shown that the human brain can recognize images in just 13 milliseconds. Combine that with sound and moving images and you get one powerful marketing tool.


Because video activates both the sense of sight and the sense of hearing, it tells a more compelling, memorable story than any other medium. Video can covertly influence user behavior, awakening memories or nostalgia, fear or curiosity. This emotional response of your viewers is what stimulates their passion and builds a stronger bond between them and your brand.


We can conclude that the video format is taking precedence on the basis of recent updates of social networks, which are increasingly forcing just such content:


  • Instagram TV
  • introduction Facebook Watch button
  • ThruPlay optimization of Facebook-u
  • the emergence of new social networks such as TikTok, which is based exclusively on video content, etc.


Video is without a doubt a powerful tool. Make viewers feel special, answer their questions and meet their needs. The more you get to know your audience, their behavior, the more ready you will be to make a good video.

Made by Vladimir Bojic - Senior Graphic Designer @Digitizer