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Google is by far the most visited site on the internet. It is used by billions of people, and thanks to their innovative approach and changes in the past, their search algorithm is getting better and better. Over the years, he has incorporated interesting tricks into his search engine. Some Google the tricks have no special purpose other than to entertain the user.


Useful and interesting Google tricks

In our new text we bring you a few of them that you can try.


Head or letter

Google has answers to almost all of your questions. However, if you are for a little game "head or letter" in yours Google type '' in the browser ''flip a coin'' and play the famous Head or Letter game.


Search by images

If you're looking for something specific, and you're not sure which keywords to use, Google has one of the more useful and fun tricks. If you have an image on your computer that can help you search, drag it to Google search engine and you will get results.



Google is a great tool if you need a converter, either currency or units of measure. Enter any conversion in the search box to get the answer that will appear in the box above the search results. This way, you can quickly convert dollars into euros, or get an answer to how many 5 inches in centimeters are.

Interesting facts

Is the moon a planet or a star? When was the first CD made?… If you are looking for random interesting facts, Google has a solution for you. In the search box, type ''fun fact'' or ''I'm feeling curious'' and you will get a window above the search results field where there is a random interesting fact.


Google there are a large number of games that you can play in your browser. Of the most interesting, we will mention rolling the dice. "roll dice'', the famous classic Pekmen - ''pac man'', then X-X game - ''tic tac toe''. If you like card games there is Solitaire - "solitaire". Of the others, we will also mention Minesweeper - '' minesweeper '' and Snakes - '' snake ''.

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Made by Nemanja Nedeljković – Senior Account Manager @Digitizer

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