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UX (user experience) and UI (UI) are terms that are increasingly used in code websites design and mobile application design, at first they sound very confusing and "expensive", and in fact they are two related processes that essentially represent the same thing - design.

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UI design or UX design

UX and UI design undoubtedly play a very important role in the process of creating a website or mobile application. And when it comes to quite different abilities and skills, there is simply no good UX without a good UI design and vice versa.


What is UI design?

UI design is, roughly speaking, the graphical look of a website or mobile application.

So the design of clickable "buttons", text layout, photo processing as well as the design of sliders, icons and other web elements that serve the user to interact with any of the mentioned platforms is a UI or "user interface".

UI designers are most often graphic designers who deal with aesthetics. Their main task is to deal with the color palette, the shape and size of the "buttons", the width of the lines, the fonts, the layout of the text and other graphic elements. In a way, they create an atmosphere on the website. It is up to them to ensure that the application interface is attractive and thematically appropriate in order to be meaningful.

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What is UX design?

User experience is, as the name suggests, the user experience and determines how it interacts with the application or website. Nobody likes to see, and especially to create a confusing and endless platform for their promotion. It doesn't matter if the navigation is logical or looks sloppy and arbitrary, as well as whether the interaction with the user is efficient or creates a feeling of constant struggle. UX determines the structure and functionality, that is, how easy or difficult it is to communicate with user interface (UI) elements. So UX designers and you if you need to take care of UI design so that is why there is often a confusion of these two concepts.

In short UI designers need to take care of what your app or website will look like while UX designers need to take care of how it will all work. If the navigation is poor, complicated, unintuitive and confusing, whether it is a UX or UI design, it is very likely that the potential client will not have patience for your presentation, regardless of the quality of the offer.

It should be realistic and say that the budget will very often not allow you to separate these two processes, that is, that it is very likely that one person will finish the whole job.

However, in the domain of theory, if there are two separate teams, it should not be emphasized how necessary it is for them to cooperate closely. So while UX designers take care of the "flow" or how fast the interface serves the information the user needs, UI designers will take care of how it is displayed on the screen.

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Research in UX and UI design

Before you think that the "neighbor's little one" knows how to do it, you should still take into account whether he has enough experience or enough research work behind him. Research is crucial for UI and especially for UX designers.

It is important to gather as much useful information as possible that will help in creating the appropriate design, and UX and UI have a very similar approach, ie what is the target group and what do users expect in general?

UI designers need to take into account whether the theme they have chosen suits the users of the application or website. It is necessary to predict what the expectations of the users are. We have already said that aesthetics depends exclusively on the UI designer, but the basic rules certainly depend on the expectations of the user.


"Learn the rules like a pro so you can break them as an artist”- Picasso


On the other hand, UX designers also need to take into account what users expect. The experiences users have had with apps or websites so far have influenced them to build their expectations of how an interface should work. If the UX designer is not familiar with these expectations, it may happen that solutions that seem logical to him have nothing to do with generally accepted rules. Users just don’t like it when the interface doesn’t behave according to their expectations.

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Made by Sava Spasic - Senior Graphic Designer @Digitizer

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