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We all know the golden rule internet marketing: Content is king. Most smartphone users check the phone first thing in the morning and then get out of bed. In most cases, they move on Facebook feed-u. That is why it is useful to know what are the most suitable types of posts on Facebook-and what are their possibilities.


Types of posts on Facebook

Among the types of announcements are news, articles, pictures, videos. For the best possible impression of your post, it is crucial to know how your content will be displayed in different types of Facebook messages and to have control over the visual impact.

In this text, you will find out which are the most suitable types of posts and how they differ.


Type 1: Pictures

Prema Facebook-in this type of post generates up to 180% more interaction than the average text post. Use images with the best possible resolution and place them in albums so that your fans can find them more easily.

Pay attention to the accompanying text, the first 90 characters are the most important and so try to make the most of them. Always try to send a message to your fans in your photo, without jumping away from your brand at the same time.


Type 2: Videos

Videos are among the most impressive and popular posting formats on Facebook-u. YouTube stated the fact that over 500 years YouTube videos are viewed on a daily basis Facebook-u.

Post compelling content at the beginning, use an engaging intro at the beginning to keep people watching the video.


Type 3: Hyperlink

we can hyperlink-and, Facebook allows users to connect with other content on the Internet, more precisely to take them to others websites site, by clicking on the photo that was withdrawn from the linked site.

Hyperlink is the right thing to do if you want to refer your fans to a specific page on your site (e.g. a blog) or direct them to a direct conversion to a specific landing pages.


Type 4: Carousel

Carousel provides the same capability as a hyperlink, with the advantage of using a large number of different and different photos hyperlink- this one.

Which means you have the ability to refer your fans to multiple separate pages in a single post. This is useful when you want to advertise several different products in one post, which significantly reduces costs.


Type 5: Canvas

The time people spend online, they spend on mobile devices and only a few applications, including Facebook. What keeps advertisers most in mind is how challenging it is to tell interesting stories about brands and products on mobile phones in a way that is pleasing to people and efficient in their business. The data tells them that people are discovering content, brands and products in mobile applications, so advertisers are looking for new and creative ways to share information with people there.

That's how it's created Canvas which we compare to mini websites site. It serves to bring the product or services we offer closer to the fans. In addition, it provides the possibility that each canvas element (image, text, video) contains the option to click on that element to the assigned link.


These are, in our opinion, the most important types of posts on Facebook-u. For more educational and informative texts visit our blog.

Made by Andrej Jovanovic - Account Manager @Digitizer

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