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Unless you've heard of TikTok, is an ideal opportunity to get acquainted with this social network, which we have already written about in one of our previous blogs. You can get the answer to the question what it is on the previous link TikTok, and below we will address the question of why it is important TikTok for businesses and why it is necessary for them to be on this one now social network.

This platform is already on a serious path to exceed the number of one billion users, which may be expected in 2021 and which will put it on a par with Instagram-om in terms of reach. For starters, this information alone is enough to understand how much potential there is for businesses and advertising on this platform.

the girl is holding a phone pointed at the screen whose display is the TickTok logo

Why is TikTok important for businesses?

To get the most out of what TikTok can provide, first and foremost - the most important thing is to understand the functioning of this social network and the understanding of the audience, ie users who are there, given that this is a social network that is mostly used by the younger population.

Businesses that The target group encompassing the younger population should immediately throw themselves into getting acquainted with this platform and researching how to get the most out of it. Stay until the end of this text, because that is exactly what we will write about.


TikTok facts

  • 689 million users use TikTok on monthly level
  • 35% of marketing professionals plan to use TikTok for influencer marketing in 2021.
  • 7 out of 10 teens in America use it TikTok


How much is the video format represented on TikTok-in attractive to users and how much it affects the retention of users on the platform, says the fact that competing platforms, such as Instagram-a Youtube-a, introduced their own versions of such a video format. They are in question Instagram Reels i Youtube Shorts.


6 ways businesses can use TikTok

See 6 ideas on how to use TikTok for businesses effectively.


  1. Hashtag challenges

Using hashtag challenges provides users with the ability to copy a challenge that you as a business have set up with a clearly conceived goal in the background. Share-The challenge by the user can make the challenge go viral and contribute a lot to the brand. With the help of content of this type, you can easily present your product and increase the brand awareness.


  1. Influencer marketing

Influencers have great power on TikTok-u. This power is reflected in the great to reach (reach) that can be made, given that TikTok the social network with the greatest organic reach. Thus, with the help of an influencer, the right target group can be targeted and a large number of users can be reached.


  1. Tutorials

Video tutorials are used to explain to users and show how they can do something. The most common are video tutorials related to i make-up, but there is a wide range of topics you can try and see what the results will be. In this way, you can present your product and all its benefits, provide users with important product information and use influencers to spread your messages through tutorials.


  1. UGC (User-generated content)

TikTok represents a huge platform for interaction with users. Creating content by users on the topic of your brand or product is one of the best ways to make your product go viral. This way you will reach a large number of users and learn a lot about how users see your product.


  1. Giveaways

As on other social networks, use giveaways leads to a large number of interactions with customers, because they have the opportunity to get your product, get a discount, etc.


  1. Live streams

Brands have the opportunity to present their product in real time in countless creative ways. This way I can take advantage Live Stream-and show their product in a longer video duration than standard lengths.

A few more tips

  • Be authentic
  • Keep up with the trends on TikTok-u
  • Use relevant hashtag-s
  • Reply to all comments and messages
  • Use trendy music in your videos
  • Use TikTok effects
  • You work with micro influencers


Although quite specific due to the completely unique content and audience, TikTok is a serious platform that can bring a lot of benefits to certain businesses. If your target group is not on now TikTok-in, think in the long run because just being present on this platform can certainly contribute to the growth of your brand.


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Made by Mladen Radosavljević - Senior Account Manager @Digitizer

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