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It can be said that it is TikTok created a boom with its appearance and created a real stir when it comes to the world social networks. But today we can already talk about TikTok as one of the market leaders and an app that sets standards. The fact that he gained his popularity by marketing a short video content, however today TikTok offers much more possibilities. Recently, TikTok introduces a photo mode (Photo Mode).


TikTok introduces photo mode

An option that TikTok has been missing and where Instagram is an absolute champion is posting photos. How say from TikTok "When you want to express yourself in formats other than video, we've released Photo Mode, a new carousel format available on mobile for photo content that's ideal for sharing high-quality images on TikTok.

Photo mode allows you to share posts on a carousel with photos that are automatically displayed one after the other. You can add music to soundtrack the images, which viewers can swipe at their own pace.”

How to use TikTok photo mode

To start creating content in photo mode, press the "+" icon at the bottom of the page For You. In the lower right corner, click the button Upload to open your photo gallery. Select the photos you want to add to the carousel and click on NEXT.

As with TikTok's video posting features, a content editing page will appear. Here you can add any music and effects.

A small icon will appear at the bottom of the screen that reads Switch to Video Mode, so you can choose the operating mode.


What else is new?

In addition to TikTok's photo mode feature, the company has introduced several new and improved content editing features: 


  • Clip editing: stack, trim and share videos.
  • Editing sounds: Cut, trim and adjust the duration of sounds.
  • Edit and position text: Easier to edit, position and adjust the duration of text.
  • Add Overlay: Add an overlay to images or videos to create a picture-in-picture (or video-in-video).
  • Adjust video speed: Speed ​​up or slow down the tempo of videos.
  • Frame content: Rotate or zoom the frames of individual clips.
  • Add sound effects.


The rivalry between TikTok and Instagram continues

Instagram has recently been working on further development of its feature Reels in an effort to emulate the success of TikTok. This new photo mode announcement seems to be TikTok's response and attempt to diversify the services it offers.

The new TikTok photo mode feature looks remarkably like Instagram, and TikTok explained that this is to encourage users to express themselves more freely.


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