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As marketers we like to try and test new things. Of course, every new research is a double-edged sword. There is always the possibility that something may turn out unexpectedly well and be an unprecedented hit or a complete failure.

One of the things that exploded all over the world and proved to be a complete hit is the TikTok application.

The growth of TikTok from its inception to the present day

Consumer habits are changing, and thus the market is adapting. According to the latest research, the average time spent on social networks is constantly increasing.

This time is shared on all social networks that hold the main places for a long time (Facebook, Instagram, etc). But recently they were joined by another serious player, and that is TikTok.

TikTok is an application that is used to share interesting video content. In less than two years, TikTok has become the 4th largest platform in the world. With more than 500 million active users, all marketers should pay attention to this platform and include it in their work system in 2020.

And here are 4 reasons why.

Community building

The way people use it social networks will change. It becomes less of what you do as an individual, and more of what you can do as a community.

Sharing ideas, starting conversations with like-minded people, building a project - that's what matters now. The main channels saw this, focusing on groups as part of their strategy. Facebook now has over 400 million group members worldwide.

Although there is no group element on TikTok, you can see that the community is actually at the heart of this platform. Much of the content is trend-driven, and people react creatively to other people’s videos. Duets are a great example of this, as users can add answers to other videos and thus collaborate.

TikTok allows users to do what they want.


New generations do not like advertising, as many as 51% of them today use the option to block ads. This means that the traditional strategies they have used so far will not work as well on them as on previous generations.

Instead, you need to be less aggressive and try to connect with the community. A good example of this is the collaboration of these platforms with the brand itself at the highest level as done on Instagram with the help of filters.

TikTok is an ideal platform for such a connection with the audience. All you have to do is adjust your content to the platform on which you are advertising.

Users generate content

User-created content is also one of the trends this year, and it is connected with the new generation. 90% of the new generation say that their authenticity is important in choosing the brand they will support.

Due to the rise of fake news, consumer confidence in social media has declined. Although every platform is working hard to fight this problem, TikTok has an advantage because it is new and because of the authentic content that is placed on this platform.

As part of the strategy, ensure that users generate your own content and watch your brand grow.

Instant trend

Everything is happening and changing fast on Social Media. Being in trend is essential if you want to be seen as a relevant brand.

Quick reaction usually brings some bad things with it, but it doesn't matter to users anymore. Users are willing to forgive a worse design if the thing that is in trend is aligned with your content.

This strategy does not apply only to TikTok, but to all social networks, but what sets TikTok apart is precisely the speed where in just a few seconds you have quality content with minimal effort.

TikTok turns the game around

TikTok is still a new platform. Although not tested, it has the potential to turn the whole game around. In 2020, there will be many changes in social media marketing, we will see how consumers react to the new platform.

The question for everyone is, when your audience switches to TikTok, will you be there to greet them?

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Made by Andrej Jovanovic - Account Manager @Digitizer